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Jimmyjane Little Chroma Vibrator Review

I was looking to add to my collection of “can’t wait another minute” vibrators that run on plain old batteries and free me from the doldrums of recharging. I wanted one that is lightweight, compact, and if my aquatically sensual self was really lucky: waterproof.

When I made my acquaintance with Jimmyjane’s Little Chroma, I found all that and much, much more.


Jimmyjane’s “Everlasting” line of vibrators so named because this brilliant company patented the world’s only replaceable vibe motor. Yes, with just a single AA battery doling out 16 hours of sex toy titillation, the Little Chroma is designed to keep on giving, and giving, and giving, to infinity.

So shelling out my $112.50 for this most inspired specimen seemed to me a deal I could only win.

jimmyjane little chroma features


Jimmyjane Little Chroma comes in a rainbow of colors. I was seeing red. As I gazed at my monitor, enraptured by this fine instrument’s smooth, glistening design, I had to agree with Vogue.com’s take that “Little Something is the most elegant and seductive accessory.”

Jimmyjane and I are certainly on the same page … its belief that sexuality is as intricate and individual as a fingerprint is right on. I was ready to put my fingerprints right on its little invention.

Yay for delivery day! The enticing Jimmyjane Little Chroma on my computer screen paled in comparison to the real thing in stunning red. Sleek, compact, mischievous-looking and full of promise, it got me excited just lying there in its form-fitting foam.

The box was dressed in a sleek cardboard sleeve with a photo of its cargo and a menu of features on the back. The detailed instructions are user-friendly and I was pleasantly surprised by the included Duracell battery. Classy, Jimmyjane!

Simple to Use

I took the nickel tour around my new friend. Operation: simple. When its screw-on cap touches the battery, vibration starts. (For the record, I was already giddy). As the cap tightens, the sound graduates to a soft purr. Meow. This baby is nearly inaudible under the covers.

Discreet indeed, it weighs in no heavier than a couple of batteries and measures only 5.25″ long. I’ll never travel toyless again!

Temperature Play

A cool thing, or hot thing, about this vibe, is that its high quality, anodized aluminum holds cold or heat, so you can choose your pleasure or mix it up. And the Little Chroma is biocompatible and body-safe so playtime is worry-free for both you and Mother Nature.

Water play is definitely on my Jimmyjane Little Chroma to-do list (or is that do-me list?). In the tub, hot tub, shower or pool, with its cap screwed on tight, this miracle vibe withstands immersion to the depth of five bathtubs!

Boundary-breaking functionality and politically correct composition make the Little Chroma a perfect gift.

With my pre-play vibe cleaning ritual satisfied by mild soap and hot water and a thorough drying off, I realized I had worked myself up into a vibrator tizzy, too excited to ease into this and truly appreciate every Chroma moment.

I deserved to take a serious five … life has been a bit crazy.

As I closed my eyes and drank in the simple pleasures of the soft scent of incense and a room aglow with dancing candle flames, my senses were transported to an exotic getaway.

And off I went. Turning the cap completely on and warming us both up, I showed the Little Chroma around my face, nipples, stomach and legs, thoroughly enjoying a slow journey bound for my pleasure mound.

A dollop of lube between my legs … let the exploration commence!

This vibrator’s frequency is tuned to deliver a deep, resonant sensation, and it was, sliding effortlessly across my clit and making delightful contact with every nook and cranny.

jimmyjane little chroma with package

The Moment of Truth

Being careful not lose it (they don’t call it Little for nothin’), I inserted the Chroma and it felt wonderful. I played with different angles and found G-spot Junction, perused, relaxed and enjoyed the fun.

After a few minutes, I slowly withdrew it and surprised myself with a G-spot orgasm! This was not the mind-blowing, super intense type of O, but it was beautiful, effortless, relaxing, and unlike any I have ever had. Wow!

I was completely at ease and lost in my own special place, so I relaxed, just lie there, and let the Little Chroma slip and slide around. My mind was completely free and I was immersed in the moment.

Barely touching me, this vibe found “the spot” and I had a clitoral orgasm, more intense than the G-spot but still not over the top. My duo of Little Chroma orgasms left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling, a body that tingled, and a mind at peace.

I felt I had achieved a true state of Zen and was completely in tune with myself. There is something very special about that resonant vibration! A truly blissful ride on my Little red Chroma. I have found a love that’s gonna last.


Power Source: One AA battery equals 16 hours of non-stop fun!
Performance: G-spot and clitoral stimulator.
Controls: A twist of the cap turns it on.
Special Features: 100% Waterproof. Great for temperature play. Heat it up or cool it down for different sensations! Patented replacement motor system.
Vibrations Levels: Delivers one mode of vibrations.

Ins: Whisper quiet. A relaxing vibration, not too intense.
Outs: Battery operated. It does only require one AA battery which is supplied.


Material: Medical-grade anodized aluminum
Texture: Smooth
Safety Features: Body safe
Colors: Black, Plum or Red
Manufacturer: Jimmyjane


Total Length: 5.25”
Diameter: 0.67”
Cost: $125.00 (prices subject to change)
Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

Overall Rating

**Based on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not so great and 10 being awesome.
Noise Level: 10 – extremely quiet.
Performance Satisfaction: 8
Value for the Price: 8
Intensity Level: 7 – if you don’t like intense vibrations this is perfect for you.
Overall Rating: 8

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