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Jimmyjane Form 6 Review

Dick and Jane are getting frisky. See Jane smile but yearn for something more. See Dick lacking the power Jane needs. See Jane reach for “the drawer.” See Dick get mercilessly outdone by Jane’s Jimmyjane Form 6.

Yes, my friends, Jane has come of age. Jimmyjane is an eco-friendly California toy maker circa 1995 who designed one of the only waterproof (not just water resistible), submersible, rechargeable, vibrating toys on the market. Of course, you pay for this distinction, and naturally, I was curious if the toys out of my normal price range actually deserve to be.

Easy To Charge

The expenditure proving its worth started off modestly, but notably, with a user-friendly box cloaked in photos and detailed diagrams of the Form 6. The case is durable hard plastic, holds the vibe and its charger adaptor, and doubles as the charging base. This baby charges inside the case, even with the lid on. Nice! The instructions are so detailed they had to shrink the words, so bring your other two eyes. I took a crash course in button operation. Even though they illuminate for playing in the dark, I wanted to know my way around.

jimmyjane form 6 box

Dual Motors

Now here’s the kicker: the Form 6 has a motor in each end, and they are badass, so the original charge should be 8 hours to maximize battery life. Yes, you read right, so plan ahead my friends. Find your center and get ready to be patient. After the virgin sail, four hours will do for two hours on this sensual schooner. If you forget to unplug it when its fully charged (as if you’re not sitting next to it tapping your finger waiting for the charging lights to go off!), no worries … you can’t overcharge the Form 6.

Of course with Jimmyjane being ingredient conscious, it makes the Form 6 body safe – phthalate-free, medical-grade silicone and metal. It’s velvety smooth, form-fitting, and easy to hold. Just a damp cloth with mild soap cleans her up. Make sure she’s dry before charging.

Easy To Operate

Down to learning the power controls, I was all business getting ready for all play. Three buttons. I could handle that; even immersed in the throngs of delight I figured I could remember this trio. The button with a dot navigates the small node (end), and the circle button handles the large node. The wavy line button is appropriately assigned to vibration. The power function is clever … any button turns the Form 6 on or off; just press it for two seconds until the lights flash three times. It’s your own little disco party.

The nodes operate independently of each other. I am a huge fan of multi-tasking. Each depression of the wavy button increases vibration. Once it’s maxed out, the next press cuts the power (bad!), and the next one restarts it (good!) on low. Six vibration levels; six modes for each node – the Form 6 is aptly named. I had a lovely time tinkering with the modes and vibe levels, taking five to enjoy the loads of options. I was amazed at this vibe’s quiet nature, even on the wildest setting!

jimmyjane form 6 features

Fully Waterproof

Before I get particular about my maiden voyage, let me brag on the Form 6’s aquatic prowess. Fast forward to my second visit with this vibe, and I was loving the fact that it’s a water baby, so off to the shower we went with a dab of oil lubrication. Wonderful! She also likes a frolic in a bath or a hot tub.

Now back to my saucy step-by-step. Armed with Astroglide water-based lube, Jane and I set off for the unknown. With the small node, I put a smile on my clitoris and then turned on the large node as well. It has a slight “v” shape on its bottom. This would be interesting. I sampled both ends on my clit, and each pleased me in their own way. That peculiar “v” felt fabulous! I left it nestled there in its perfect fit and partook in an extended recess. I’d been schooled by Jimmyjane.

About face back to small node, and before long I was a very lucky lady having a very intense clit orgasm. But I still had the rest of my review to finish! Form 6 hadn’t gotten the best of me yet. (Or was it the other way around?). Where were my manners? It was time to invite her inside. The small node eased in effortlessly. I found Planet G, rocked the vibe back and forth between it and my clit, and landed in the Galaxy of Awesome. The toy’s curvature wouldn’t let me vibe both pleasure zones at once, and I am a vibe connoisseur, so I was being creative.

Not Quite What I Hoped For

The dual motors deliver plenty of power, but alas, I pooped out before the g-spot orgasm I was going for. I surmised that the Form 6’s curve was not exactly my bag, but when it comes to curves: to each her own. Being the dedicated public service informant that I am, I kept exploring and went for a ride on the large node. Again, my personal preference, but it was a bit too big for me at entrance, not painful but slightly uncomfortable and made me feel stretched. I got off the ride before playing with the modes, but I was still hot and headed back to my clitoris, hoping for a sequel.

Both the north and south poles of my vibe were warm from being inside me and from the motors inside them. Again I ran the small end over my clitoris, simply devouring the different modes. I was thrilled that I had bought the ticket: the sequel was amazing! I lay there, caught my breath, and let the tingling wash over me.


Power Source: Rechargeable
Performance: Vibrator
Controls: Illuminated touch controls
Special Features: Dual, independent motors. Waterproof – fully submersible. Convenient button lock for travel.
Vibrations Levels: Six vibration modes and five speeds

Ins: Whisper quiet. 100% waterproof.
Outs: I didn’t feel the total love from the controls … could stand to be more user-friendly. Sometimes hard to depress buttons completely.


Material: Medical-grade silicone
Texture: Smooth
Safety Features: Phthalate-free
Colors: Pink and Slate
Manufacturer: Jimmyjane


Total Length: 7”
Girth: 1.75” maximum
Cost: 175.00 (Prices are subject to change)
Warranty: 3 Year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Overall Rating

**Based on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not so great and 10 being awesome.
Noise Level: 10
Performance Satisfaction: 7
Value for the Price: 8
Intensity Level: 7
Overall Rating: 8

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