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Fun Factory Delight Review

How many toy makers does it take to make your body quiver? If you’re like me, a factory full will do the trick. Fun Factory, that is, the brilliant inventor of the Delight. I wasn’t even looking for it when it found me. It’s a bit unpleasant thinking back to a few days ago, when my poor wretched soul was Delight-less, but if my reluctant memory serves, I was just whiling away some time surfing the web for who knows what. You know how it is, your monitor is the window and you’re the shopper. When somehow I landed on Fun Factory’s website and what to my wandering eyes did appear but a most captivating S-shaped vibrator that beamed from the screen like a mother ship calling me home.

I know Germans tend to be known for their, how should I say, “passionate” tempers. Whatever. All I will ever know them for now is designing my Delight.

Discreet Charging

I knew there was much more awaiting me inside, but the case itself impressed me. The size and design make it conveniently non-descript, and the inside cover sports a map of the toy. I found this toy to be very user-friendly – just charge and play. But it does come with comprehensive instructions (in tiny print so break out the bifocals). The three-hour charge delivers 1½ hours of sheer delight.

fun factory delight box

I gave what was to become my new love a bath in warm water and soap and then took my sweet time sliding my fingers across the sleek, polished premium plastic and caressing the velvety smooth silicone (hypoallergenic certified medical grade, thank you very much).

The “Royal Curl”

I slathered on the lube (remember, water-based for silicone toys), and, with great expectations, started my engine-easy enough with the lighted controls built into the “Royal Curl” handle and comfortably nestled under my thumb. I slid my index finger into the hole, the ergonomic top of the S fitting perfectly in my hand. No rocket science required here: the controls are a simple plus for on, speed and pulse; and a minus to retrace your steps or cut the power (boo).

Featuring 8 Speeds

I tried to be patient. Really I did. But the shape and colors and feel of this coital carnival drove me to full speed without delay. And I mean full – eight speeds that climax to a serious dose of power. The sound itself got me all riled up, though it didn’t make a very good impression on my fleeing dog. With a touch ever so slight, I teased my clitoris with the flexible, velvety shaft. I was in awe of this powerhouse. Tongue, move over!

G-Spot Intuitive

OK. It was high time for the Delight to be in the dark. It slid effortlessly inside me, hugging my vagina and the bent tip instantly finding my G-spot. In this position, I found it most comfortable to envelop the entire top of the Delight in my hand as I thrusted. And off I went.

In and out against my G-spot, the Delight felt incredible. I embarked on an expedition through the speeds and the three pulse modes, a very titillating journey that lasted a while.

Pure Bliss!

I felt the motor heating up under my hand and withdrew the Delight to caress my vaginal opening with its warmth while running the U-shaped tip across my clitoris. This was a very good idea. I was extremely turned on and close to orgasm. Bracing for the hair-raising fireworks, I slid the shaft back inside me and grinded the end against my G-spot. OMG! The Delight and I had done it! An almost instant G-spot orgasm. I did not believe that a toy could induce a G-spot orgasm. I was thrilled that the Delight proved me wrong.

fun factory delight back

I collapsed in ecstasy against my pillow, catching my breath, but not too spent to put a cherry on top of my date with this delightful toy. I gently caressed my clit with the end of the smaller tip and was again led down Orgasm Lane. My freaking lucky day! And if you’ve ever turned off your vibe by mistake in the middle of a primo play session, you’ll appreciate the fact that the Delight’s buttons proved to be foolproof. Not once did I make an accidental move, even with lube in the mix.

The Rolls-Royce of Vibrators

Now I was spent. Shaky and grinning from ear to ear, I laid back and celebrated the Delight. THANK YOU to the Fun Factory full of wonderful folks who took the time to learn a woman’s body, and how it can be shaken to the core.


Power Source: Rechargeable – Click’N’Charge technology.
Performance: G-spot and clitoral stimulator.
Controls: Push pad with + and – buttons. Simple and easy to use.
Special Features: Dynamic “Royal Curl” handle. Strategic ‘bump’ for clitoral stimulation. Click’N’Charge technology.
Vibrations Levels: 8 vibration intensities. 3 pulsating modes.

Ins: Intuitive at locating the sometimes elusive G-Spot!
Outs: None – Loved this toy!


Material: 100% Medical grade silicone
Texture: A combination of soft and polished surfaces. Soft/smooth and polished/slick.
Safety Features: Body safe silicone
Colors: Black/White, Vitamin/White, India Red/Violet, Blackberry/Black, Baby Rose/Rose
Manufacturer: Fun Factory


Total Length: 5.9”
Insertable Length: 4.5”
Width: 1.25”
Girth: At widest point 3”
Cost: $109.99 (prices subject to change)
Warranty: 2-year warranty

Overall Rating

**Based on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not so great and 10 being awesome.
Noise Level: 8
Performance Satisfaction: 10 – Very intuitive at finding your G-Spot.
Value for the Price: 10 – Definitely worth the price!
Intensity Level: 8
Overall Rating: 9 – One of my all time favorite toys!

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