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Fun Factory Curve Sex Toy Review

The curves of a woman … so revered … the hourglass figure a classic form of flypaper for the male libido. I have news for you. There’s a new curve in town. This one as intoxicatingly sensual as the soft, smooth slopes of a lady. The Fun Factory Curve took me by surprise. I mean, I knew this German toymaker has been setting trends in high-quality silicone toys since 1995, and I knew I loved its Delight vibrator, but I didn’t realize that a flexible dildo could be so efficient about a G-spot orgasm.

Shall I go on?

I thought so.

My interest was certainly peaked. I had been browsing along on Fun Factory’s website and came across a most enticing design that touted not only an incomparable G-spot ability but a strategically placed bump that simultaneously gives your clit a rocket ride. This incredible pairing from a manually powered toy?

I was RSVP’ing yes to this party!

Kudos to the sex toy proprietors who understand that just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy fun packaging, Christmas or not. Count Fun Factory among them. My hot pink Curve arrived in a cheerful box with a window for me to peek in at my future, which I hastened toward since there’s no time like the present. I breezed through my research, studying the toy’s diagram on the inside flap. Removing the Curve, I was reminded of one of the big time perks of a dildo. It’s so simple. No cords, wires, batteries … just grab it and get busy.

The “Royal Curl”

I wanted to enjoy this experience from points A to Z, so I spent a few moments teasing myself with anticipation, caressing the Curve’s surface of both smooth and polished textures. This is the real deal: certified high quality, skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone.

I learned the curves of my Curve … testing out its intuitive handling that allows you to speed up or slow down through small, simple hand gestures using Fun Factory’s unique and dynamic “Royal Curl” handle. You can keep your grasp and stability despite the wonderfully lightweight and flexible nature of this toy.

My trip through the Cliff Notes got me even more excited about the test. The Curve’s design is similar to Fun Factory’s Delight vibe, with which I had a mind-blowing blast. I lubed my clit with the Toy Fluid that Fun Factory was nice enough to include with my Curve, and got warmed up with a dandy clit massage from my Little Chroma. The “LC” is such an instinctive little toy that before I could say “yay for me” it gave me a clit orgasm! Yay for me!

G-Spot Intuitive

While I was being most pleasantly surprised, I had parked the Curve under my leg, so now it was nice and warm. On with some Toy Fluid for my new friend, which took longer than necessary as my hands were so enjoying the toy’s curves and textures, and I was easing the tip’s substantial girth inside me. My muscles relaxed to welcome it and then tightened to grab hold. Little Chroma had set up shop on my clit, and I moved the Curve in and out of me. It found my G-spot with ease, and, paired with the stimulation from my clit orgasm, didn’t take many thrusts before it got me flowing in a most delightful way.

I had planned on making a long session out of this review, but had no objection whatsoever to Fun Factory’s amazing design rearranging my schedule! It’s curvalicious.


Power Source: Dildo – no charging or waiting required!
Performance: G-spot stimulator.
Controls: Manual operation.
Special Features: 100% Waterproof. Can be cooled or warmed for temperature play! Dynamic “Royal Curl” handle. Strategic ‘bump’ for clitoral stimulation.
Vibrations Levels: N/A

Ins: Intuitive at locating the sometimes elusive G-Spot!
Outs: None – Loved this toy!


Material: 100% Medical grade silicone
Texture: A combination of soft and polished surfaces. Soft/slick and smooth/silky.
Safety Features: Body safe silicone
Colors: Violet, Black and Pink
Manufacturer: Fun Factory


Total Length: 7.9”
Cost: $59.99 (prices subject to change)
Warranty: 2-year warranty

Overall Rating

**Based on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not so great and 10 being awesome.
Noise Level: 10 – The only noise you’ll hear will be coming from you!
Performance Satisfaction: 10 – Very intuitive at finding your G-Spot.
Value for the Price: 10 – Definitely worth the price!
Intensity Level: This depends on you since it’s a manual toy.
Overall Rating: 10 – One of my all time favorite toys!

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