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Fleshlight Launch Review

Recently I reviewed Fleshlight and if you read that review then you already know I’m a big Fleshlight fan. So considering previous experience and my overall love for technology, I couldn’t live my life without trying something called Fleshlight Launch. So welcome to my Fleshlight Launch review.

Fleshlight Launch is a love child of Fleshlight and Kiiroo (“brought to life by Fleshlight and powered by Kiiroo”). To put it simple, Launch moves fleshlight for you so you can have a hands-free experience. But not only that, Launch is an interactive toy, meaning that it can be synced with interactive videos and “recreate” what’s happening on the screen.

Launch isn’t a stand-alone device and requires you to buy a fleshlight. Also, note that it’s compatible only with standard Fleshlight cases (Black, Pearl, Silver, Blue and Gold) so it doesn’t work with Turbo, Ice, Flight, Go or Quickshot. For $200 you’d expect a bit more flexibility. Still, for $250 you can get a “Launch pack” which includes the Launch itself, Stamina Training Unit and Fleshlube, which is a nice deal.

So is the Fleshlight Launch worth a small fortune? Without further ado let’s get to our experience with the toy.


As you’d expect with all adult products, the package was discrete. The box with the actual product is black and stylish. Looking at the box it’s even hard to tell that it’s a sex toy. Looks more like a high-end wine cooler as someone mentioned.

Fleshlight Launch package

Inside the box there are some foam panels to protect the Launch, the actual toy, USB charger, User manual with instructions and warranty card. The first thing you’re told to do is to register your Launch on Kiiroo website for a 1-year warranty. And that’s what you should do and don’t be like me. Just when I unpacked the Launch I immediately tried to start it and received an error (red blinking light) so I already thought that this review wasn’t going to happen. Anyways, you have to charge the Launch for 6-9 hours before the use (I should start reading user manuals) so I plugged it in and left for a couple of hours. In my case, it wasn’t 9 hours until it fully charged (maybe it wasn’t even 6). But while it’s charging, let’s get to the overall design and specs.


Overall, Launch looks stylish but a bit outdated already (it’s 2019 and it was made in 2017 so obviously). And it looks huge…at least at first. It’s not like those “discreet” toys you can travel with. For me it looks more like a sex machine. Not only it’s big, it’s quite heavy at 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) without a fleshlight and 4.4 lbs (2 kg) with it.

Fleshlight Launch design

But I wouldn’t consider it a big problem as most likely you’ll be using it while sitting or lying so you won’t need to apply much strength to it. Still, as launch has a flexible rubber base (for the comfort of use as it gets pressed against your body) it won’t stand on the flat surface and it won’t stand “on you” so you’ll need to hold it. Some people say they need two hands to hold it firmly, but in my case one hand was enough so you can scroll the videos with the second one if necessary.

Fleshlight Launch ready to use

Fleshlight Launch is Ready to Use

Setting up/Interface

After a few hours of charging, it was time to get the hands-on experience with the toy. Fleshlight Launch has four “areas” you will use to control the toy: power button, Bluetooth button, stroke speed control surface, stroke length control surface.

Fleshlight Launch interface

To turn it on you just hold the power button for two seconds or so. After the Launch is on, you’ll see the Bluetooth light blinking. It means that the toy is in an interactive mode and looking for the Bluetooth connection. As it’s about the coolest feature of the toy (to my personal liking) we’ll get to this a bit later.

Fleshlight Launch design

To switch to the manual mode you just “kinda press” the button for 2-3 seconds. I say “kinda” because it’s sort of a touch sensitive area and it was a bit confusing at first. After this, the light will go off and you’ll see only the power button glowing green. It means the Launch is now in a manual mode. If you press the power button now, the Launch will start stroking. Now you can control the process by using two touch-sensitive areas on the sides. If you’re holding the Launch facing the buttons, speed control is on your left and stroke length on the right.

To increase the speed – swipe away; to decrease the speed – swipe towards. To increase the stroke length – swipe away; to make strokes shorter – swipe towards. Also, on the length control surface, there are three icons that control the position of the stroke, lower or higher.

Manual Mode

So in manual mode, you control everything: the position, speed and length of the stroke. It gives a ton of combinations you can try and find what you like the most. At the same time, it’s monotonous and may be a bit boring. To make it more fun you have to keep on changing the settings and will feel like a DJ. Still, it was more than enough for me. I tried different settings and a slower one with long strokes worked the best for me.

Fleshlight Launch manual mode

Also, like other reviewers pointed out, the control app would be an amazing addition to this toy. There are many vibrators that can be controlled by the app (Lelo, Lovense, OhMiBod, We-Vibe etc.) so it’s not a next-gen anymore. I tested these apps with women toys and they are marvelous. You can control the intensity, choose pre-set patterns, create your own patterns, use audio control and so on. I personally think that Fleshlight missed a lot of opportunities here.

In addition, regarding the controls, probably I’d prefer simple clickable “plus-minus” design. “Swipe” controls sometimes don’t work and you need to swipe again and again for it to work and when your hands are slippery – good luck with that.

Interactive Mode

Now to the most intriguing feature of the Launch – an interactive mode. Honestly, I was very skeptical at first but you have to try everything yourself before you can judge, right?

First, you need to download Feel Connect app. It’s available for Android and iOS and I tried both. The app has an extremely low rating on both App Store and Google Play, with the “unable to connect” as the most popular complain. Needless to say, I didn’t hope for it to work well.

Boy, I was wrong.

The setup is actually extremely easy, download an app, open an app, click “Connect a device”, select the device, you’re done. Now the app is connected to your Launch. To watch content, you need to sync with specific websites you are willing to use. FeelMe can be called a “default” place to go for your first videos. To connect the website, you need to register on FeelMe and go to “My devices”. You’ll see a QR code now. Go to FeelConnect app and click “Add a website”. This will launch a QR code scanner. Now scan the QR code on the FeelMe website and you’re connected. That’s it.

Note, that when you open FeelMe website on the devise with the Feel Connect app and start watching a video, you need to click “Stream” to actually sync the video with the Launch. Clicking the “Sync” button will open the video within the Feel Connect app.

So, let’s get back to my experience. I did all these steps, selected the video and started waiting. The thing is that the toy reacts to the “manipulations” with the penis on the screen and most videos have several minutes of a prelude. So you’re just sitting there getting familiar with the characters and getting involved into the plot. Sure, you can just scroll past the intro but be careful – if you land on the “active humping” the Launch may start stroking as insane and you’ll get a bit surprised to say the least.

Overall, Launch repeats the movement quite accurately. It feels like there is some sort of the delay but for me it wasn’t a big deal. And I must admit, it feels really nice and you feel involved, especially if you’re watching POV videos. I have an Oculus Go but from what I know, Launch (or FeelConnect) isn’t compatible with it. Or maybe I’m just stupid and lazy. Nevertheless, I didn’t try it with VR videos but I must say it felt amazing with the ordinary 2D videos. So if you have an option to try it with the VR – go for it.

I didn’t try many websites. The ones I tried are FeelMe, FeelXVideos, Ufeel.tv, and Pornhub interactive. Honestly, I enjoyed the Pornhub the most. You can check the info on available interactive porn websites here.


Fleshlight Launch has its flaws. It’s expensive, it’s noisy, it’s heavy, it isn’t waterproof, controls could be better. But despite that, I think it’s an amazing toy. Obviously, it relies on Fleshlight to deliver an amazing sensation, but for me, the interactive mode alone would be worth the money. So if you can afford it, I think you won’t regret it.

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