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Don Wands Blue Swirl Review

Ever been for a ride on a rocket, man? Don Wand’s Rocket Swirl free-standing glass dildo is erect proof that Pyrex isn’t just for the kitchen anymore.

My ride arrived in a nondescript clear plastic package that gave me a titillating peek into my latest libidinal escapade. This toy is downright pretty, a luminous blue swirl twisting along the length of the shaft and delivering textural sensation for your very deserving vagina. Including its “mushroom tip,” this dildo comprises an enviable 7 1/2 inches of loving goodness. It comes with a thick, plush travel/storage pouch to protect your rocket even riding in your pocket.

The Swirl Rocket’s material is one of the most body-friendly you can have sex with … phthalate free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and nonporous glass that won’t harbor bacteria. It jives with all kinds of lube without degrading, and is Don Wand’s super durable take on Pyrex: a borosilicate formula that resists breakage better than most traditional glass.

Out of the box and into me. Wee! No instructions to master, batteries to charge, or noisy motors to attempt to ignore (or to drown out your sexy pleasure moans). Therein lies the beauty of an open and play dildo. And the Rocket brings some extra flair with its included watch batteries in the base that light up the toy with an array of flashing colors. I would be getting my groove on somewhere over the rainbow!

But first, I broke out my handy dandy Afterglow Wipes to shine up my Rocket (you can also use soap and water) and then took a few relaxing moments to fondle the toy’s smooth, sensuous texture and weightiness. I decided to mix up the scenery and head off to my big comfy couch. True to form, I took along a side of vibrator with my dildo entrée, this time choosing my trusty LELO NEA. Don Wands treated me to a sachet of Wet Platinum lube, with which I learned that a little lube on glass is all you need. With Nea warming me up, I sank gleefully further into a pile of fluffy pillows and got wet.

Rocket time. I had soaked Sister Swirl in warm water and oooo, does a toasty dildo do the body good. I got my shroom nutrition for the day, slowly pushing the tip inside me and absorbing the toy’s warmth as I melted deeper into my coital cushions. Each smooth swirl made its presence known upon entrance … firm and fabulous stimulation!

Knowing that it was nearing my g-spot, I attempted to steer the Rocket’s slight curve toward home base, but it proved to be too difficult and my inspiration escaped. I acquiesced … not all bodies are meant to go with all toys. And although the penetration felt great, my stubborn mind would only focus on the g-spot. No flowing O for me this time, but you know I never complete a review without one kind of firework or another. My libido was abuzz with the NEA, who finished me off with a smile.

I took her out for another rocket ride and as I was playing with her the base broke which is very disappointing as I really like this dildo. The base is made of plastic and appears that it is glued to the glass. It looks as if there was not enough glue applied to keep it secured.

This, combined with reading about how a representative of Don Wands reacted to a negative review of their new Treeze Wave dildo by respected reviewer Hey Epiphora, gives me pause in recommending this particular brand. Although I have not had the pleasure of playing with one yet, I have heard great things about Ruby Glass21. Watch for a review soon.

Ins and Outs


  • No g-spot orgasm, perhaps I need a bit more curve in my dildos.
  • Base broke after second use.
  • Questionable behavior by Don Wands reaction to negative reviews is troubling.


  • Ready to use, no charging or batteries!
  • Very comfortable weight.
  • Nonporous surface allows you to try silicone and oil lubes.
  • Glass brings freedom of temperature. Warm it up or cool it down.


  • 1 1/4″ in diameter.
  • 1 1/2″ mushroom tip.
  • 7 1/2″ in length.
  • Pyrex glass.
  • Available in blue only.


  • Ultra smooth, textured body.
  • Waterproof.
  • Compatible with all personal lubes.
  • Temperature sensitive. Warm it up or cool it down.
  • Phthalate free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic.


  • Plush travel/storage pouch.
  • Watch batteries for the very cool LED!
  • Free sample of “Wet” lube.
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