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Bathmate Review and Results – My Experience

So today I’m going to review the product I personally believe should be owned by every man no matter the age or penis size (well, the only excuse is some medical condition that prevents from using the penis pump). As you have probably guessed from the title, we are going to talk about Bathmate hydro pumps. Welcome to my Bathmate review.

I was waiting a while before writing this review to make sure it’s worth recommending and that it actually works. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to read the full article – Yes, it works and Yes, we absolutely recommend it. If you have a few minutes of free time – enjoy reading.

If you’re ready to choose the Bathmate pump, you can proceed by clicking the button below.

How it Works

The logic behind Bathmate pumps is very straightforward – pumping out the water off the pump creates a vacuum and the pressure draws blood to corpus cavernosum (erectile tissue that holds the blood when erect). If you use it on a flaccid penis, you are basically creating an “artificial”, so to say, erection. If you’re using it on an already erect penis, you’ll be able to draw a bit more blood than usually. So the main trick is that you can draw more blood to your penis than in natural conditions and as a result, the tissues get stretched more than during an ordinary erection.

With time, the tissues will become bigger and able to hold more blood and as a result, your penis will become bigger. I’m not an MD but I guess the logic is a bit similar as with the bodybuilding: the tissues break and get bigger after the body repairs them.

Why Bathmate?

As it’s an honest review, I must say that I never owned any air pumps and Bathmate is the only brand I used. But when I was choosing my first pump, I paid attention to such things as material quality, brand reputation, ease of use, safety, warranty, money back and, of course, power. And in all these criteria Bathmate was on top of all other brands.

Because of high-quality materials, it feels solid and you’re not worried that it will break and hurt you. Because of using water instead of air it’s more powerful than other pumps. Because of 60-day money-back guarantee, you can be sure not to waste your money on the product you don’t like.


And, most importantly, there is enough proof on the internet that it works and this article will just add up to the total number of positive reviews.

What to Expect

First of all, I want to warn you about tons of fake reviews that claim you can easily gain 2” (5cm) in 4 months. In 99.99% of cases, it’s not going to happen. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

What you can realistically expect from using Bathmate pumps:

  • Temporary increase in penis size right after the use (even for the first time) that will last up to 12 hours. I wasn’t measuring the exact temporary gains but it’s about 0.5” in length and girth.
  • The gains will become permanent with time and can vary from 1” to 3” in length and 0.5-2” in girth. Everything is individual here but realistically you can expect to gain somewhere near 1” in length after 12 months (maybe faster, like 6+ months). Also, note that pumps, first of all, are meant to work on girth but girth increase is more difficult to achieve overall.
  • As you’ll be able to draw more blood, you can expect stronger and firmer erections. Pumps are also used to treat ED (erectile dysfunction).

Overall, I personally believe that Bathmate pumps should be considered as devices for penis workout. As with the gym, using the pump will promote the overall wellbeing of your little fella (or not little).

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no notable side effects like diarrhea or headache but some things to keep in mind are:

Bruises, Dots

Sometimes, especially when just starting out, you’ll see that your penis is covered in purple (in my case) dots after the session. It’s just the capillaries that burst because of the pressure (maybe too much pressure) and it’s nothing to worry about. In most cases, they will disappear in 24 hours (before your next session).

Swelling of Foreskin

If you have a foreskin, it’s very likely that it will become swollen after longer sessions and high pressure. During the first month, you shouldn’t apply maximum pressure and sessions should be short so you’re unlikely to experience this. But after more intense sessions your foreskin may look like a Floppy bird (yes, I know it was a Flappy bird).

This is also nothing serious and things will be back to normal in a few hours.

Hard times getting an erection right after the session

It’s often advertised and suggested that in case if you suffer from an ED, you can use penis pumps in conjunction with cock rings to receive an erection. It is actually true to some extent as you’ll have a semi erection right after the session which will be enough. Maybe some people stay rock solid after the session but it isn’t my case.

So, again, in my personal case, if the session was intense enough, you’ll be unable to reach a full erection naturally right after the session because the tissues are “tired”. But this is temporary and you’ll be back on track in like 15 or 30 minutes so don’t panic that your fella “died”.

Other than that, I don’t know any other side effects if you use the Bathmate pump as directed. I want to point out the word DIRECTED. Safety should be your number one priority and while the pump itself is absolutely safe, it’s not idiot-proof. If you start using the pump for too long in pursuit of fast results, you may injure yourself. I’ve seen several negative comments from people that decided to use the pump for an hour and then had to go to the hospital. Don’t become one of them.

How to Choose the Right Model and Size

On the official Hydromax website, you can find three series: Hydro, Hydromax and HydroXtreme (formerly Bathmate, Hydromax X-series and Hydromax Xtreme).

I personally think that Hydro series is obsolete already and there is no reason for buying it considering that the price difference with the Hydromax series isn’t that big.

As for a newbie I’d recommend going for Hydromax series. From my personal experience, HydroXtreme is more superior but it’s twice the price and may be an overkill for a newbie (and a higher chance of hurting yourself). I’ll talk more about this in the section about my personal experience.


Don’t think that you won’t be able to reach decent results with Hydromax. I owned Hydromax X30 (Hydromax7 at this point) for over a year and was absolutely happy with it (and able to reach decent gains). Also, if you’re not committed and may stop using the pump in a month or two, there is absolutely no need to waste your money on HydroXtreme.

Regarding the size, with new names, it’s now easier than ever to understand what pump you need. If you’re under 5” in length – Hydromax5. If you’re from 5” to 7” – Hydromax7. And so on. If you’re really “girthy” there are “Wide Boy” models for such a case.

Actually, you don’t even need to keep all this in mind because on every product page there is a size calculator where you type your erect length and girth and will receive a recommended model.

bathmate size calculator

How to Use

It’s better to read the instruction inside the package or check some videos but in short: close the valve on the pump, fill it with water, put your penis inside and slightly press the base of the pump to the pubic bone, release the valve and push the pump towards the body to release the water. You’ll need to push it several times to create optimal pressure.

So the overall process seems simple but you’ll surely need some time to get used to it and there are some things/tricks to understand but I’ll cover them in the section below (sharing my experience).

My Experience and Results

As I already mentioned, I owned a Hydromax X30 (Hydromax7) for over a year and it was a great ride. But I really wanted to try HydroXtreme and guys at Bathmate kindly agreed to send me one for a test. To start with, I want to share my experience with Hydromax7 and provide some tips and tricks.

To start with I need to talk about the initial size. There are many studies on average penis size and the results vary in all of them. In most part researchers agree that the average size somewhere between 5.12”-5.9” (13-15cm) in length and 4.3”-5.12” (11-13cm) in girth. One of the most recent and reputable studies conducted by British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) says that the average penis length is 5.17” (13.12cm) and the average girth is 4.6” (11.66cm).

When I decided to buy a Bathmate I was 5.3” (13.5cm) in length and 5.1” (13cm) in girth (girthy boy=)). So I was pretty much average and I already knew about these researches so wasn’t worried too much about my size. But who needs average when you can have a bit more than average, right? And I was just curious if it really works so why not give it a shot.

I wasn’t ordering the pump from the official website but from the retailer in my country and it’s still alive and kicking so I suppose it’s genuine. Hydromax doesn’t have any accessories so there is nothing to discuss about the packaging. The pump itself is sturdy and well built.

To start with, I must say that there is a learning curve. You’ll feel lost at first and may feel a bit uncomfortable. The first two weeks I wasn’t able to reach even 5.1” (13cm) inside the pump as it was pulling the skin and felt uncomfortable. Also, when the pump is new, the head of the penis may rub the plastic inside when you’re pumping and it’s not pleasurable at all. This won’t be a case after some uses as the plastic gets worn out a bit, but if you continue to experience this, try to use a bit of water-based lube (it gets washed off fast but may be just enough. Other lubes like oil or silicone may be difficult to clean).

One more issue you may experience is that your balls can get sucked into the pump. If this happens, you need to release the pump and start over. The main secret to avoid this is to warm up before the session and stay in warm water for a few minutes because, as you probably know, balls “hide” when it’s cold. And also to pull the balls down a bit when putting on the pump.

So after about a month I already felt like a pro and since then my routine didn’t really change.

One of the most widespread dilemmas is should you use the pump on an erect or flaccid penis. It feels like you are able to reach a bit more pressure in case of an erect penis but I still think that it doesn’t make that much of a difference because you’ll still be able to fill erectile tissues with blood as much as possible. When you’re inflating the car tire it doesn’t matter if the tire was flat or was inflated to nearly its maximum – its volume is limited and you can reach the maximum anyway. Again, this still leaves a lot of room for discussion.

When you’re just starting with pumping, it’s not recommended to use the pump while erect because it’s more stressful and the tissues aren’t used to such expansion yet so keep it easy at first.

Also, this really depends on the routine you use. It’s the second dilemma people argue around a lot. For example, you can use the pump for 10-15 minutes straight, or you can divide this into two-three sessions five minutes each. If you decide to go for two-three short sessions, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to reach erection between them again and again because the tissues become “exhausted” so to say. At least it’s true for me and I’m usually not able to reach an erection for the third session.

Regarding which approach is better – I can’t tell for sure but I personally feel like two-three shorter sessions work better. At least for me. And it’s the routine recommended by Bathmate. I was doing it both ways but in case with shorter sessions, I was able to reach the maximum pressure and size during the third session. Also, I think that massaging your penis between the sessions has a positive effect on the results. The rest time between sessions is usually between 30 seconds and a minute or two.

What were my results? After a year of use now I’m 6.1” (15.5cm) in length and 5.6” (14cm) in girth. When using the HydroXtreme pump I’m actually able to pump to 6.5” (16.5cm) in length so I hope it will become permanent someday. So, in a year I gained a bit less than an inch in length and half an inch in girth. It’s on a lower spectrum of what you can expect from Bathmate but I’m more than happy with the results and there is still a road ahead as I plan on continuing using the pump.

These results were achieved using the Hydromax Series and now I have HydroXtreme so I’m curious how well it will perform in the long run.

HydroXtreme Review

I’ve been using HydroXtreme for just about two weeks but there are already a lot of things I want to share with you.


The package was discreet as you can expect from all “adult” products and there is nothing to talk about but what is inside the package deserves a lot of attention. And that’s what you’d expect for $300. Besides the actual pump you receive:

  • Carry Case. Really well made and handy for storage and traveling.
  • Lock. I guess it’s helpful if you’re too shy or paranoid.
  • Ruler. Very nice flexible ruler that can be used for measuring both length and girth. I love it.
  • Cleaning Kit. It consists of a sponge and a stick to hold it and reach far areas of the pump. This one is very helpful, believe me.
  • Bathmate Clean. Liquid for cleaning the Bathmate. It’s not a necessity and you can live without it.
  • Shower Strap. I guess it’s handy but personally, I don’t use it. I just stand there holding the pump with my hands and thinking about my life.
  • A towel. Just a towel. But a nice one.


As you can see there are many handy accessories. But are they worth $150 in a price difference with the Hydromax Series? Absolutely not.

So why is it so expensive? For me, the answer is the Handball Pump. And the Handball Pump is absolutely worth the price difference. Handball Pump allows you to reach the pressure you couldn’t dream of with Hydromax. Actually, I was able to reach only a bit over 6.1” (15.5cm) in length inside the pump with Hydromax but with the HydroXtreme and Handball Pump it went to 6.5” (16.5cm) immediately.

Note: handball pump also makes the product a bit more dangerous for newbies or extremely greedy folks so if you’re one of them I’d recommend going for Hydromax.

But even without the handball pump, you can feel that HydroXtreme is more powerful than Hydromax (I was able to pump to a bit over 6.3” (16cm).

Also, I noticed that the design of the removable pad (that seals to your body) is a bit different than in my old Hydromax X30. I’m not sure for a 100% but I guess it’s the reason for the following improvements I noticed:

  • Older models would lose the pressure during the use and you need to pump it again to recover the lost pressure. In the case with HydroXtreme, it loses very little to none pressure. This is a massive improvement.
  • As it provides a better sealing, the balls don’t go inside by occasion anymore. This is also a nice improvement.


If there were some minor flaws with the old Hydromax X30, they were eliminated in the current generation of Bathmate pumps. One thing I think would be cool is if you could use both handball pump and the classic way of pumping simultaneously. Currently, if you attach the handball pump you won’t be able to use the classic way of pumping. And with the classic, you could reach “near-the-maximum” pressure faster and with less effort and then just add some more using the pump. But I’m just being too picky here.



Overall, Bathmate pumps are 10/10, no doubt and if you’re still hesitant – don’t be and go get one. The simplest version is just a bit over $100 and can serve you a lifetime (though I’d still recommend going for Hydromax). Even if you have a massive dong and don’t care about making it bigger, Bathmate can help to keep your penis healthy and kicking.

Timej Bališ

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