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Best Tongue Vibrators

A little tongue goes a long way, and this holds true for toys as well as people. Since normal vibes can get a little boring after a while, we thought it was time to switch things up with a post on the best tongue vibrators.

In this post, we’ll cover some of the most important things to keep in mind when searching for a tongue vibrator. We’ll also get into some of the best tongue vibrators currently available on the market, as well as what their best features are. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight in!

How to Choose a Tongue Vibrator

What level of stimulation are you after?

There are tongue vibrators in many different forms, each with its own level of stimulation. If you prefer more intense stimulation, then going with a more powerful vibrator is obviously preferred, the opposite being true for those that prefer less intense sensations.

Solo or shared play?

Although any vibrator can be used during both solo and shared play in theory, there are those that are better suited to shared play than others. There are also models that work well for both forms of play, providing an extra level of versatility.

How much variation are you after?

Variation keeps things interested, but not everyone wants complicated toys with tens or even hundreds of different settings/combinations. Not only do vibration settings offer variation, but also different uses as well as functionalities.

Any particular features you’re looking for?

There are a lot of different features and functionalities available. If there are any that you’re particularly interested in, it’s important to consider this before you start your search.

What’s your budget?

I know, I know. It’s not something you want to think about, but it is important to keep in mind.

Best Tongue Vibrators On The Market

Below, we’ve listed some of the best tongue vibrators that are currently available. So, in no particular order, let’s take a look at the toys on offer!

Fun Factory Volta

Double-Tongued Vibe with Looped Handle & Ample Settings

fun factory volta
The Fun Factory Volta is a great model to kick this list off with considering its unique shape and many features.

This tongue vibe comes with not one, but two tongue-like tips which provide a realistic and stimulating sensation. They’re made of silky silicone that’s both extra soft and hypoallergenic.

The loop handle provides good grip and it’s also USD rechargeable, ensuring easy use on the go. It also comes with six different vibration patterns for you to choose from as well as six levels of intensity too.

The Fun Factory Volta is fully waterproof, allowing for use in the tub or shower too. It’s priced on the higher end of this list, but is worth every penny considering the features.

Pros: Hypoallergenic, rechargeable, loop grip, 6 patterns, 6 intensities, waterproof

Cons: Takes some getting used to before finding the right spot

Nü Sensuelle Trinitii

Variation-Rich Oral Vibrator with Memory Function

nu sensuelle trinitii
Second is the Nu Sensuelle Trinitii, which is a tongue vibe that provides powerful clitoral vibrations.

This vibrator comes with a range of different features to keep play interesting. For starters, it offers a sucking sensation as well as vibrations in order to make the whole experience more dynamic.

There are fifteen different vibration modes to choose from including different speeds and patterns, as well as four different speeds for the tongue flickering action the toy offers. On top of that, there are also seven different suction strengths which allow for more customization on that front.

The Sensuelle Trinitii also includes a memory function, one year warranty, and is USB-rechargeable. It’s priced averagely compared to the other tongue vibrators on this list.

Pros: 15 vibration speeds, 4 flickering speeds, 7 suction strengths, memory function, great value

Cons: Not fully waterproof

Red Hot Rechargeable Silicone Flickering Tongue Vibrator

Basic Vibe with Powerful Motor That’s Great for Beginners

red hot rechargeable silicone flickering tongue vibrator
Third on the list is the Red Hot Rechargeable Silicone Flickering Tongue Vibrator: A basic model suitable for everyone.

This vibrator provides oral sex-style sensations packed in a discreet and travel-friendly toy. The powerful motor within provides powerful sensations that induce toe-curling orgasms.

The shape allows for pin-point precision during use, ensuring it always hits the right spot. The toy is also hypoallergenic and made out of high-quality soft silicone to ensure a comfortable experience.

The Red Hot Rechargeable Silicone Flickering Tongue Vibrator is great for both solo and shared play. It’s priced averagely compared to other toys on this list.

Pros: Great for beginners, discreet, travel-friendly, precise, soft silicone

Cons: Not as feature-rich as some of the other vibes

Smile Makers French Lover

The tongue re-designed

smile makers french lover
The French lover has a thin and soft silicone edge, which was specially designed to mimic the feeling of a tongue. You can use it to stimulate the clitoris or any other erogenous zone. The French lover has a flexible end that slightly vibrates and can be flicked around for a licking sensation. The French Lover makes use of cryogenically polished silicone.

The French lover comes with a length of just 6.2inches, with a diameter of 1.9 inches. One of its best features is that it is 100% waterproof and body-safe. It has 4-speed settings and 2 pulsation settings. It is important to note that with a 1 AAA battery, it can span up to 4 hours of usage, although the battery is not included when buying the product.

The French Lover is great for a teasing build-up. It is also great for those that are sensitive to strong pressures. The four speeds and two pulsation settings make for a fun exploration of either your or your partner’s erogenous zones.

Pros: 100% waterproof, body-safe material, can span up to 4hours with 1 AAA batteries

Cons: not rechargeable


High-quality Waterproof Forked Tongue Vibe

svakom siren
The SVANKOM is another great tongue-like vibrator that we just couldn’t leave out!

This forked tongue vibrator offers two tongue-like tips that allow for precise stimulation. It’s made of high-quality soft silicone that gives it a gentle touch and ensures a comfortable experience.

With five different vibration modes and five different intensities available on for the head of the toy and three different settings for the tips, it offers plenty of variation. Since it’s waterproof, you can also use it in or around water too.

The SVANKOM comes with remote control as well as a travel lock, ensuring discretion when on the go. It’s priced in the middle of the pack when compared to the other tongue vibes on this list.

Pros: High-quality toy, 5 speeds, 5 patterns, 3 settings for the tip, remote control, waterproof

Cons: The different features can be a little confusing at the beginning

Cloud 9 Health and Wellness Flutter Oral Tongue Stimulator

Realistic Tongue Vibrator with 10 Settings

cloud 9 health and wellness flutter oral tongue stimulator
Second to last is the Cloud 9 Health and Wellness Flutter Oral Simulator

Although it looks fairly strange at first sight, this oral simulator provides sensations that feel almost exactly like the real thing. It can even be used on other body parts too, ensuring maximal versatility.

It comes with ten different settings to choose from, allowing users to tailor the experience to their mood and preference. It’s also hypoallergenic and fully rechargeable, ensuring ease of use.

The Cloud 9 Health and Wellness Flutter Oral Simulator is a high-quality toy that is priced at the lower end of this list, making it a great value.

Pros: Realistic sensations, 10 settings, versatile, hypoallergenic, high-quality, great value

Cons: The unique shape takes a little getting used to

Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator

Tongue Vibe with Realistic Licking Sensations

sqweel 2 oral sex simulator
Last but not least is the Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator which is another highly unique addition to finish this list off with.

This oral sex simulator comes with a range of different functionalities that provide immense levels of stimulation. One of the first things you’ll notice is the wheel, which spins around to provide a licking sensation that not many other tongue vibes offer.

It also comes with a flicker function that provides a flickering sensation during use. As well as this, it offers three different spinning speeds, allowing you to choose how fast the wheel spins.

The Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator is latex-free and priced at the lower end of this list.

Pros: Licking sensation, flicker function, 3 speeds, latex-free, good price

Cons: Battery powered (not rechargeable)


Do these vibes really feel like oral?

Some feel a lot like the real thing, but there is, of course, a difference. At the end of the day, it’s a sex toy and not a real person!

If you’re looking for some inspiration, this YouTube video provides you with some interesting tips on using a tongue vibe.

How can I keep my toy clean?

Cleaning sex toys is fairly easy and also extremely important. Cleaning can be done with warm water, or ideally using a toy cleaner. This ensures your toy stays clean and in good condition.

What lube should I use?

A standard water-based lubricant works well on most toys. It’s important to check what the manufacturer says (often stated on the packaging) to ensure you don’t use a lube that might damage your toy.

Are there any other toys I might like?

Of course! There are quite a few different kinds of vibrators that are somewhat similar, including finger vibrators, clitoral vibrators, and clit sucking vibrators.


There are a lot of tongue vibrators on the market, some of which are very different from one another. Hopefully, this post has helped you find the right one for you!

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