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The Best Sex Toys for Couples in 2022

There’s nothing better than sharing a toy experience with your partner. But, how do you find the best toy for couples like yourself?

This is where we come in!

This article is all about the best sex toys for couples to enjoy together. You can be sure that after reading this article you’ll know exactly what kind of toy will be best for you!

How To Choose The Best Sex Toy for Couples

There are a few things you should keep in mind when making a decision about which sex toy you’d like to get. In this part, we’ll go over some of the most important ones so you can make the best decision possible when purchasing your new sex toy.


If you like to keep things as normal as possible, then a normal sex toy is great. However, you may be feeling a little kinky and prefer to get yourself an anal sex toy to enjoy. Just keep this in mind to make sure you enjoy your new toy to the max.


Some toys vibrate while others just aid you in enjoying sex more. Whether you’re looking for a sex toy that will directly up the level of stimulation, or you’re looking for something to help you enjoy sex with your partner more, it’s all in the list. Just make sure to keep it in mind when purchasing!

Type of stimulation

Vibration, rotation, direct or indirect… There are so many kinds of stimulation available to couples nowadays! Go for something you know you’ll like or try something new!

Level of stimulation

Sometimes, toys will triple down on stimulation and kick things into overdrive. This is great if you’re looking to boost the stimulation during sex but for some, it can be a little too much. Go for something that suits you and your body!


If you suffer from allergies, then it’s best to go with a hypoallergenic toy and something that’s non-toxic. The same goes for if you suffer from sensitive skin since choosing the right toy is vital to enjoying the stimulation.

Best Sex Toys for Couples:

Fun Factory Manta

A Couples Toy Focused On Versatility

fun factory manta vibrating penis stroker
We’re starting the list off with the Fun Factory Manta and it’s a great and unique model to start off with.

This is a great toy for couples, and it helps to stimulate both of you in a range of different situations. The versatility alone is a reason for us to feature it in this list and we haven’t even started on the features yet!

With a whopping 6 vibration speeds and 6 different vibration patterns, this toy boasts an extreme amount of variation. This helps to keep things interesting and prevents repetition from ruining the spontaneity.

You can use this toy to pleasure both him and her or fit it in between both of you during sex. It’s body safe, hypoallergenic and has a smooth surface which makes it all the more comfortable to use.

The Fun Factory Manta is completely waterproof too. This allows you to use it in the bath, shower or anywhere else where water would otherwise get in the way. Being USB rechargeable, it ensures that it stays easy to charge in nearly all situations.

A single charge can yield a use time of about 120 minutes which makes it fantastic for long sessions or multiple sessions. It’s in the high-mid price range when compared to the other models on this list.

Pros: Versatile, 6 vibration speeds, 6 vibration patterns, hypoallergenic, waterproof, USB rechargeable, 120 mins on a single charge

Cons: This option is not travel-friendly and is best kept for use within the home

Lelo IDA

A Feature-rich Vibrator That’s Meant to be Shared

Lelo IDA
The Lelo IDA has put its focus on couples and providing a great level of stimulation to both parties.

This toy is feature-rich and will provide both you and your partner with maximum amounts of pleasure. Being USB rechargeable it’s much more pleasant to use than battery-powered models and prevent you from having to change batteries too often.

It’s also got some unique features, like the fact that it rotates and doesn’t just vibrate like most vibrators. This rotation gives a different sensation and makes it a lot more interesting to use.

The rotating effect adds to the stimulation already provided by the toy. It also comes with 8 different pleasure settings which allow you to keep things interesting and switch things up regularly. Being completely waterproof it also allows you to enjoy the toy in the shower or tub for some added variation and pleasure.

The Lelo IDA is reasonably priced compared to the other models on this list and is a great addition to your toy collection!

Pros: USB rechargeable, different form of stimulation, 8 pleasure settings, waterproof

Cons: The toy is slightly more effective when used on just one person instead of two simultaneously

Lovense Lush 3 Vibrator

Remote-Controlled Toy Will Guarantee to Take You to the Moon

lovense lush 3
The first thing that we have to mention about the Lush 3 Vibrator is that it can be controlled remotely. Remember back in the distant past when after using a vibrator, you had to deal with wrist cramps or failing to cum because your wrists can’t take them anymore? Well, those days are over if you are willing to get yourself the Lush 3. The Lush 3 vibrator can be controlled using Bluetooth. It means you can use your cell phone to control pleasure. Talk about convenience.

When it comes to the make of the device, you are assured of nothing but quality. The device is mostly made from silicone with a bit of plastic and metal for the electrical elements. If the Bluetooth capabilities of the device make you squirm in terms of power and charging, then you have nothing to worry about.

The device has a magnetic charging port for convenience to make sure that the charging capabilities of the sex toy are never compromised. In terms of battery life, you are assured of several servings of pleasure. We are talking about hours of use just after one charge. Great, right?

The design of the Lush 3 vibrator is also quite impressive. The bottom part of the toy or the tail is curved and ensures that the vibrator stays in place. The bulbous end also aids and is a fan favorite on the penetration side of things. It is stimulating all the way.

One thing that we do not like about the device, though, is the lack of range in terms of color. If you are not a fan of pink, then you might be a bit disappointed. If the performance of the toys is anything to go by, though, you probably will not mind having a bright pink vibrator.

Pros: super-strong connectivity, snuggly fit, magnetic charging cable, very quiet.

Cons: lack of color variety.

KIIROO ONYX+ Pearl2 Couple Set

Male & Female Toy for Great Shared Play

kiiroo onyx plus pearl2 couple set
The KIIROO ONYX+ Pearl2 Couple Set is a G-spot vibrator and a male masturbator that are made with some high-tech gear in order to deliver maximum satisfaction to its users.

The Perl 2 is a luxury G-spot vibrator that has been specifically designed for stimulating the G-spot as effectively as possible. It is made from smooth silicone and is slightly angled to ensure the best stimulation possible is achieved.

The ONYX+ is a male masturbator that reaches speeds of up to 140 strokes per minute. This ensures a high level of stimulation is achieved. It also rotates as well as vibrates to deliver unique sensations that feel even more like the real thing.

This Kiiroo Couple Set is great for couples who want to treat each other as well as themselves to a new shared experience. It’s slightly more expensive than some of the other toys in this post, but it does come with two luxury toys to show for it!

Pros: 2 Luxury toys, G-spot stimulation, 140 strokes per minute, great for shared play

Cons: It is quite pricey since you’re buying 2 high-quality toys at once

Satisfyer Double Whale

Double Whale Gifts You with Hands-Free Couple Sex Experience

satisfyer double whale
If you are a couple, sex can get a bit monotonous, worse, if one of you is rigid. One thing that can ensure that exciting sex remains or increases exponentially is using a sex toy. The Double Whale is easily the best sex toy available on the market now. The toy has Bluetooth connectivity that allows partners to control the vibrations that their partners have to endure.

A hands-free experience is unparalleled. Imagine being able to control the intensity of pleasure your partner goes through. The Double Whale allows you to do just that, and it does it so well that there is no better option on the market right now.

The Double Whale has a dual-motor system that allows the gadget to do nothing but provide pleasure. The shape of the sex toy allows you to incorporate it into your sex act. The tool can provide clitoral stimulation for the female partner and g-spot stimulation for the male. In terms of design, we have to say that we are overall impressed.

One thing that did not click for us is the cleaning part. The double whale is not the easiest sex toy to clean. It takes a bit of effort to get it overall clean. It should not be like that for a device that goes deep inside someone’s privates.

Pros: easy couple use, durable, waterproof.

Cons: can’t be cleaned with water only, often slips out of place.

Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable

The Ultimate Vibrator that Will Get You Both Going

magic wand rechargeable
The Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable is next and it’s a powerful vibrator that both you and your partner will enjoy.

This vibrating wand is one of the most powerful vibrators there are around and provides a wonderful level of stimulation which both of you can benefit from. It’s also extremely easy to recharge which makes it a delight to use.

Not only that, but you can actually continue enjoying the toy when it’s plugged into the wall. This allows you to really crank up the stimulation and enjoy the toy for much longer than most others.

It comes with a one-year warranty as well which just goes to show the quality that this product possesses. It’s even FDA registered which means it’s a registered medical device which further demonstrates the quality.

With 4 different speeds and 4 patterns of vibration, this toy doesn’t hold back when it comes to variation either. The long handle also allows for easy use and prevents you from straining during use.

The Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable is on the more expensive side of this list but has some of the best vibration and stimulation levels around.

Pros: Powerful vibrations, rechargeable and can be used when plugged in, one-year warranty, FDA-registered medical device, 4 vibration speeds and 4 patterns, long handle

Cons: It’s quite a heavy toy which takes some getting used to

Lelo Tor 2

The Vibrating Cock Ring that Pleasures Both Parties

lelo tor 2
The Lelo Tor 2 is another model that brings delight to both men and woman during the intercourse and it’s certainly not one to be left out on this list.

This sex toy is a kind of cock ring that vibrates to give pleasure to both you and your partner during sex. With a one-year warranty and a 10-year guarantee, this toy doesn’t disappoint!

It’s waterproof so allows for enjoyment in the shower or other wet areas around the house and body. It’s also charged using a USB which makes it much more accessible to use.

With 6 pleasure settings, this vibrating cock ring is the talk of the town when it comes to variation. You’ll never get bored with this sex toy, especially when used during sex as it adds a whole other layer to the experience.

This toy is averagely priced when compared to the other models on this list and is a great sex toy for couples looking to get closer with a little more stimulation.

Pros: one-year warranty and 10-year guarantee, waterproof, USB rechargeable, 6 pleasure settings

Cons: Takes some getting used to when you first start using it

b-Vibe Cinco Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads

Vibrating Anal Beads to Enjoy With Your Partner

b-vibe cinco remote control vibrating anal beads
The b-Vibe Cinco Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads are next on the list and it’s made to stimulate a different area in a different way.

These remote-controlled anal beads are a wonderful toy for partners to share. They have a long range of 30 feet which makes them all the more ideal to use. This enables you and your partner to enjoy the experience, even at long range.

The toy has 6 vibration speeds and a whopping 15 pattern variations for you to enjoy. With the amount of variation, you can be sure you never get bored and that it can tailor to your exact desires.

Being USD rechargeable, it’s extremely accessible and a great model for you to enjoy anywhere you go. This model is also great for people with allergies or sensitive skin as it’s hypoallergenic.

The b-Vibe Cinco Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads are also waterproof and great for use in the shower. They come with a one-year warranty and are priced in the high-mid price range compared to the other toys on this list.

Pros: 30-foot range, 6 vibration speed variations and 15 different vibration patterns, hypoallergenic, USB rechargeable, waterproof, 1-year warranty

Cons: It’s an anal toy so not great for vaginal use

Dame Eva Vibrator

Silicone Dame Eva Vibrator with Three Intensity Settings

dame eve
One thing that is essential when it comes to couple sex toys is to understand the fact that they are developed to aid in sex and not replace it. Dame seems to have understood this concept if the Eva vibrator is anything to go by.

The vibrator has a great shape with wing-like extensions that allow it to tuck easily into the labia and provide nothing but unparalleled pleasure. If you were worried about holding a sex toy in place whilst you and your partner enjoy sex, the Eva lays that worry to rest.
In terms of quality, we have to say Dame outdid itself. The Eva vibrator is made from silicone, medical-grade silicone, to be precise. The material is durable and waterproof.

It means that no matter how wet your partner makes you, the electrical elements in the Eva will always be safe. The three-speed motor also ensures that the performance of the sex toy is at its optimum. If you like it super quick and “hardcore”, you have an option for that on the Eva.

One point of contention we had with the product, though, is that it is a bit loud. The last thing you would want is your vibrator overshadowing the moans and groans during sex.

Pros: waterproof, perfect fitting shape, hands-free design, premium silicone make, portable and durable charging case.

Cons: only three intensity settings, restricts penile access (for larger-sized individuals).

Lelo TIANI 3

An Insertable Vibrator That Can Be Used Anywhere

lelo tiani 3
The Lelo TIANI 3 is another model that’s highly stimulating and extremely pleasurable to both parties.

This toy is an insertable vibrator which can be worn anywhere and at any time. This allows you and your partner to stealthily enjoy some added stimulation wherever you go together.

Not only that, but this toy has a range that’s much longer than most other remote-control vibrators on the market can offer. Having a 50% more powerful motor than most also helps to add that extra oomph to the stimulation.

On top of all of this, this model comes with 8 different modes of stimulation to spice up the day with. This helps you to keep things interesting and add some much-needed variation into your sex life.

The Lelo TIANI 3 is a global bestseller and waterproof too which allows you to enjoy the toy in the shower as well. It’s averagely priced when compared to the other models on this list.

Pros: Can be used anywhere, great for stealth play, long range, 50% more powerful than most vibrators, 8 different vibration settings, waterproof

Cons: It has the tendency to slide out if you’re not used to it yet and it’s not inserted properly

Ice Gem Realistic Double-Ended Dildo 16 Inch

Realistic XL Dildo with Two Sides to Enjoy

ice gem realistic double-ended dildo 16 inch
The Ice Gem Realistic Double-Ended Dildo is another highly stimulating couples toy that offers a fantastic new experience.

This double-sided dildo is great for shared play but can also be used for solo play. The large size makes it very easy to hold and also makes double penetration available to everyone who owns this toy.

It comes with a realistic shape as well as a realistic feel when inserted. With protruding veins and a bulbous head, this toy provides great sensations during use. It is suitable for both anal and vaginal play and is a great toy to share with a partner during foreplay.

The Ice Gem Realistic Double-Ended Dildo is 16-inches long and comes with two slightly tapered sides to ensure maximum stimulation is reached for both him and her. It’s one of the least expensive toys on this list making it very accessible.

Pros: Solo or shared use, easy to use, 16-inch length, realistic feel, great value

Cons: Doesn’t provide very many features

We-Vibe Chorus Vibrator

App-controlled We-Vibe Chorus Vibrator Is for Maximum Pleasure

we-vibe chorus
One thing about couples’ sex toys is that they need to provide nothing but complete access and efficiency. What better way to provide that than a vibrator that can be controlled via an app or remote control? The We-Vibe Chorus does just that, thanks to the easy-to-use We-Vibe app. The Android and iOS apps allow couples to increase the intensity, change vibration patterns, and halt vibrations without touching the We-Vibe Vibrator.

If you are not a fan of using your phone during sex, you can always go with the remote control with a squeeze intensity feature. Accessibility and control are not the highlights of the We-Vibe Vibrator, on the other hand, performance is.

The We-Vibe Chorus vibrator allows for G spot stimulation in the male. It is also shaped well enough to provide clitoral stimulation at the same time. The vibrations are consistent and can be customized easily from the app or the remote control. There are seven patterns of vibrations and three available intensities.

It means that it is a perfect setting for any couple. One thing that we did not like about the sex toy, though, is the fact that it only has a 3-inch instable length. We feel that the design allowed for a particularly longer toy, and there are people out there that would have liked that.

Pros: latex-free, wireless control (via app or remote controller), flexible silicone build, extensive intensity range.

Cons: low ISP water resistance rating, small insertable length.

Lovense Hush

A Vibrating Butt Plug that Pleases Both of You

lovense hush
Second to last is the Lovense Hush, and it’s a vibrator that’s made for the other side of the body.

This model is a vibrating butt plug that comes packed with the most extravagant features. Not only is it voice-activated but it can also sync to music to add to the sensations that a session with this toy offers.

It’s waterproof too which makes it the ideal toy for taking with you in the shower or bath. And, with a two-hour charge when full, you can be sure it won’t die on you while you’re in the middle of a session. (If you remember to charge it that is!)

It comes with an app that allows both you and your partner to enjoy the toy at any distance by using wifi. This makes it a great toy for long-distance relationships, or even for short-distance ones that just can get enough stimulation into their lives.

The Lovense Hush offers unlimited vibration variations to keep things interesting and give your partner full control. It’s averagely priced compared to the other models on this list which makes it a great contender for you to choose from.

Pros: Voice-activated, syncs with music for added pleasure, waterproof, 2 hour charge time, extremely long range, unlimited vibration patterns

Cons: Not a great toy for vaginal use

Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

The Remote-Control Vibrating Panties that Look and Feel Great

desire luxury rechargeable remote control panty vibrator
Last on the list is the Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote-Control Panty Vibrator and it’s certainly not one that we could have left out.

These vibrating panties are the perfect addition to every couple’s toy collection. Not only does it look stunning, but it also adds another layer to the stimulation provided during sex.

Not only that, it’s jam-packed with variation too. The vibrator packs a punch and boasts a massive 12 different vibration speeds and 8 different patterns. You can be sure to never get bored of this toy with all these variations available.

The vibe is USB rechargeable which allows you to enjoy it pretty much anywhere on the planet. The remote range is also great. With a range of 8 meters, this toy allows for some creative takes on the usual bedroom sessions.

When fully charged, the Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator can be used for a good 120 minutes of play. It’s averagely priced compared to the other models so it’s a great option if you’re looking for some hands-free fun together.

Pros: Looks great, 12 vibration speeds and 8 vibration patterns to choose from, USB rechargeable, 8-meter range, 120 mins of battery life

Cons: The toy can be quite loud when taken up to high vibration settings


As you can see, a lot more goes into finding the best sex toy for couples than you first think. This guide will have hopefully helped you out in making the right decision though!

If you’re still not sure, try checking out some of the other articles on our blog. It can really help get your creative juices flowing! And remember, stay safe and above all, have fun!

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