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The Best Sex Toys for Men in 2022

Ever wondered what are the best sex toys for men?

If you’re like most, you probably have. As a matter of fact, if you’re reading this article, we’re sure you have!

In this blog post, we dive deeper into what you should look out for when buying a male sex toy. We’ve also created a list of the best male sex toys around to help you make a choice.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty!

How to Choose The Best Male Sex Toys

Area of stimulation

If you’re into P-spot stimulation, then there are toys made specifically for this purpose. However, if this is not really your thing, going for a male masturbator, or a toy you can share with your partner may be a better option.

Level and type of stimulation

Some toys provide extremely high levels of stimulation. Sometimes this stimulation comes in the form of powerful vibrations, but other times it only depends on size, texture and shape.

Depending on what type of stimulation you’re looking for, and the level you’re after, you can pick a toy accordingly.

With or without a partner?

Some toys are perfect for use with a partner, while others are focused more on solo play. There are also models which can be used both together or alone. Depending on what you’re looking for this is certainly something to keep in mind.

Extra features

Vibrations, textured sides, extra motors… The list just goes on. There are many extra features which male sex toys can offer. Depending on the level of stimulation you want and the extra features you’d like to enjoy, you’re going to go for different male sex toys.

Best Sex Toys for Men:

Now for the list… Here are the best male sex toys that we could find for you!

Tenga Flip Zero EV

The Best Vibrating Male Masturbator

tenga zero flip hole ev
We’re starting this list off with a high-quality male masturbator. The Tenga Flip Zero EV is a great model to start off with and a highly stimulating one at that.

EV has a textured finish on the inside that will please you as long as your heart’s content. This texture provides a soft yet highly stimulating experience.

As well as the textured inside, this toy also boasts two vibrating cores. This means you get double the stimulation and power. The further in you go, the more you can feel the second vibrator adding to the stimulation.

With 5 different vibration settings, this toy doesn’t disappoint when it comes to variation either. The 5 different vibration modes ensure you can tailor the experience to your needs.

This toy also gives you the option to alter the suction in the chamber by using the pressure pad. By doing this you can further alter the experience to suit your exact wants and needs.

The Tenga Flip Zero EV is semi-transparent to add some visual stimulation. It’s also easy to clean, making it a delight to own. It’s relatively expensive but it’s definitely one of the best male sex toys available.

Pros: Textured internal finish, two vibrating motors, 5 different vibration modes, a suction chamber for added stimulation, semi-transparent, easy to clean

Cons: It’s a bit large and heavy compared to some of the other male masturbators out there

Fun Factory Manta

Vibrating Penis Stroker That’s Great for Solo Play or Sharing With a Partner

fun factory manta vibrating penis stroker
Second on the list is the Fun Factory Manta, and it’s another highly stimulating model that ticks all the boxes when it comes to sensations.

This vibrating penis stroker is a great addition to any toy collection. To start with, it’s a great solo toy for men that can help you reach a much more stimulating climax than you would be able to without this toy.

As well as being a great toy to use on your own, this penis stroker is also fantastic to use together with a partner. It can literally turn your penis into a vibrator which boosts the level of pleasure for both you and your partner.

This toy also has a lot of variation options. It boasts 6 patterns and 6 vibration speeds for you to choose from. This makes it ideal if you get bored easily, or just want to be able to switch things up every once in a while.

As well as all of these lovely features, this model is also waterproof. This allows you to use the toy in the bath or shower for even more variation and stimulation. It can also be discretely used which makes it all the more usable in any situation.

The Fun Factory Mata can be used for up to two hours non-stop so you can be sure you don’t run out halfway through use. It’s on the slightly cheaper end of this list too (still not a cheap toy overall) making it nice and accessible.

Pros: Great for solo use or shared use, 6 vibration patterns and 6 vibration speeds, waterproof, discreet, two hours of use when fully charged, good value

Cons: Takes some getting used to when using it together with a partner

Fleshlight Universal Launch

First Fleshlight to Go Impressive 250 strokes per Second!

fleshlight universal launch
When the first model of the fleshlight came, no one would have thought that the fleshlight experience would get better. Well, they were wrong. The Fleshlight Universal Launch has elevated the pleasure levels to the extreme, and we have to say we are excited about it. The Fleshlight Universal Launch is a stroker, and when it comes to products that range, there are very few that come close.

The Fleshlight Universal Launch comes with a cell phone mount. We know that the last thing you would want is to go through pleasurable strokes but fail to enjoy them because you want to watch content on your cell phone. The cell phone mount’s location on the top part of the Fleshlight Universal Launch is just perfect. The fact that it is easily adjustable makes the Fleshlight Universal Launch efficient and more visually appealing.

In terms of performance, with the right fleshlight, there is an assurance of super-fast stroke rates. Strokes can go as fast as 250 strokes per second. Even real sex cannot beat that. The Fleshlight Universal Launch also comes with a battery. It means that there is no need to use the device when it is connected to a power source. The battery is long-lasting and can provide up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted stroking after a single charge. One thing that might be a bit of a drawback, though, is the size. The Fleshlight Universal Launch is very far from portable. It is 15 inches, and carrying it around might be a bit of a problem.

Pros: 4 different stroke lengths, intense strokes, up to 250 strokes per minute, the adjustable cell phone mount, easy to clean.

Cons: bulky, only available in one color, no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.


Prostate Massager With Double the Power

lelo loki wave
The LELO LOKI Wave is the fourth model on this list and it’s very different from the previous three in the stimulation it provides.

This toy focuses on stimulating the prostate in multiple ways. It does the job very well and they’ve implemented multiple stimulation options to really crank this toy into overdrive.

To start with, this prostate massager comes with two different motors. Not only does it offer various vibration patterns and speeds, but it also moves back and forth to further stimulate the prostate.

This extra motion really adds to the level of stimulation that the toy offers. It also comes with 10 different stimulation modes which helps you to switch things up as much as you want.

It’s also completely waterproof so you can enjoy the toy in the bath or shower. This adds to the level of variation that this toy offers and makes it much more versatile in different settings and scenarios.

The LELO LOKI Wave also comes with a one-year warranty and is priced averagely compared to the other models on this list.

Pros: Vibration and back and forth stimulation included, 10 vibration patterns, waterproof, one-year warranty included

Cons: Takes some getting used to if used for solo play

We-Vibe Pivot

Vibrating Penis Ring That Stimulates Both You and Your Partner

we-vibe pivot
The We-Vibe Pivot is the next toy on the list, and it’s another toy that works great when shared with a partner.

This vibrating penis ring is ideal for long sessions together with your partner or spouse. It helps to crank up the stimulation for both of you in order to finish you both off in record time.

It also offers a plethora of variation. The 10 different vibration modes that this male sex toy offers ensure that you never fall short when it comes to variation. It’s also an easy toy to recharge and it warns you when it’s low on juice. This prevents you from running out halfway through a session.

The We-Vibe Pivot can be used for up to 90 minutes in one sitting which makes it perfect for longer sessions. It also comes with a smartphone app that lets you control the level of stimulation remotely!

This toy is actually one of the less expensive toys on this list (still over $100 though). This means you get all these great features at a great value.

Pros: Great to share with the partner, comfortable to wear, 10 vibration modes, 90 minutes on one charge, remotely controlled via a smartphone app, great value

Cons: The toy is quite loud so it’s not great for stealthy ventures

nJoy Pure Wand

A Simple Steel Dildo That Hits the P-spot

njoy pure wand stainless steel dildo
Next is the nJoy Pure Wand and it’s a simple toy that still delivers a high level of pleasure.

This stainless-steel dildo is perfect for hitting the P-spot. It can also be used to hit your partners G-spot if you wish, which makes it all the more dynamic to use. Even though it is a simple toy, it still comes with its own perks and features.

For starters, since it’s made of stainless steel, you can heat the toy or cool it down to switch up the stimulation. This is also great for making the experience a whole lot more comfortable since you can heat it up to body temperature.

It’s also double-sided and provides you with a larger end that’s much thicker, and a smaller skinnier end. This makes it possible to alter the stimulation between and precision to suit your exact needs.

The nJoy Pure Wand is also weighted to make it possible to add the right level of pleasure when used. The toy costs more than $100 which may sound like a lot for a piece of metal, but nJoy Pure Wand is arguably the best toy in its class.

Pros: Great for hitting the P-spot, temperature responsive, double-sided for more variation, weighted, great value

Cons: Doesn’t offer as many stimulation options as some of the other toys on this list

Lovense Edge 2

An App Controlled Prostate Massager

lovense edge 2
The Lovense Edge 2 is another great model that boasts some very unique features compared to the rest of the list.

Where to start… This prostate massager is a highly stimulating male sex toy that focuses on hitting the P-spot. Its unique shape makes it perfect for stimulating the prostate.

This toy comes with an app that makes it possible for you or your partner to control the prostate massager from anywhere in the world. This makes the toy great for people with long distance relationships and makes it a great toy to use during everyday life.

As well as the excitement you can add to the experience by sharing it with a partner, it also scores well when it comes to variation. This sex toy offers unlimited pattern variations. This ensures that you never get bored with this toy and can always find the exact level of stimulation that you’re looking for.

It can be used for up to 1.7 hours continuously after one charge. As well as this, it’s waterproof so you can enjoy it in the bath and shower too. This adds to the level of variation that this model provides.

The Lovense Edge 2 comes with a 1-year warranty and an extremely powerful motor. It’s also slightly less expensive than the average toy on this list making it even more accessible!

Pros: Stimulates P-spot, remotely controlled via an app, unlimited vibration patterns, long battery life, 1-year warranty included, great value

Cons: Only offers back door stimulation and no penile stimulation

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

The Fleshlight That Simulates a Blowjob

turbo thrust blue ice
Another great model, the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is a trusted male sex toy that’s popular for a reason.

This fleshlight is one of their most stimulating models and is one of the most realistic oral sex simulators around. When used, you’ll hardly be able to tell whether you’re with your partner or it’s a toy that’s doing the work.

It has an insertable length of 8.5 inches and a total length of 9.75 inches. This makes it possible for anyone to enjoy this toy and makes it all the more accessible. It fits any size up to the maximum, and can even be used if you’re larger than that.

The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust does a great job in simulating a blowjob and is priced at a much lower price than most of the other models on this list. A great male sex toy if you crave for oral sex.

Pros: Realistic feeling as if you’re getting a blowjob, 8.5 inches of insertable length, sold over 12 million times, great value

Cons: Little variation in the stimulation that the toy provides

Lelo Hugo

Waterproof Prostate Massager With 2 Motors

lelo hugo
Next on the list is the Lelo Hugo, and it’s another toy that will easily hit the prostate.

This prostate massager is another highly stimulating example of a classic toy. It comes with 2 powerful motors which vibrate heavily and both provide high levels of pleasure. One is in the base and the other is in the tip; this ensures maximum pleasure.

In addition, this male sex toy is also waterproof. This allows you to take the toy with you during adventures in the tub or shower. This further adds to the variation that this toy provides.

It’s also remotely controlled which allows you to use the toy handsfree. You may also choose to share the toy with a partner for double the pleasure. By giving them control you can elevate the stimulation even further.

The Lelo Hugo is certified body-safe and is averagely priced compared to the other items on this list. A great model for both beginners and more experienced users.

Pros: Targets the prostate, 2 powerful motors inside, waterproof, remote control, certified body-safe

Cons: It’s a little more challenging to use than some of the other models on this list

Arcwave Ion

Beautiful Arcwave Ion Impresses with Its Unique Look and Breathtaking Experience

arcwave ion
Most stokers are bulky and look unattractive. Arcwave decided to switch things up and bring class and style to the stoker market. The Arcwave Ion is one of the most attractive sex toys available on the market. The sex toy is sleek and compact with a matte finish. It uses a combination of modern materials. It not only makes the Arcwave Ion attractive but also aids in performance.

The button orientation on the device is perfect. The buttons are big enough for easy navigation and are strategically placed to ensure that navigation will not interrupt the pleasure train.

The innovative part about the sex toy is that it has a feature where it uses air to aid in pleasure. The whole idea sounds scientifically profound, right? Well, wait until you try the feature out.

One thing that is also important to mention is the fact that the toy is quite easy to clean. You can effortlessly disassemble it, rinse it with water and detergent, then reassemble it with ease again. Hygiene is an essential part of the sex toy industry, and the Arcwave Ion embraces that.

Pros: easy to clean, compact size, targeted stimulation, easy to navigate and control.

Cons: loud, requires the use of lubricant for effective use.

Lovense Max 2

High-Tech Male Masturbator with Contractions

lovense max 2
This next one is the Lovense Max 2 and it’s one of the newest male sex toys on this list.

This male masturbator is the pinnacle of high-tech male pleasure. This toy comes with all the features you need to get off anywhere and at any time. It’s remotely controlled with an app which allows for maximum control and hands-free play.

The app also gives you great control over the vibrations and contractions. You can start off on a lower setting but as you build, you’ll start to discover just what this toy has to offer. From fireworks to earthquakes, the sensations are out of this world.

It can be controlled from anywhere in the world which also makes it great for people with long-distance relationships. Being completely splash proof, you also don’t have to worry the toy will be damaged while cleaning.

The Lovense Max 2 also offers a great air-control feature that allows you to experience a suction feeling as you use it. This adds a unique stimulatory element that pushes it even further away from its competition.

It’s averagely priced compared to the rest of this list making it quite accessible.

Pros: Controlled remotely, great for long-distance relationships, a lot of variation, suction-effect, powerful vibrations

Cons: It’s a little challenging to clean and use compared to some of the others on this list

Aneros Helix Syn

The Soft Prostate Massager That Always Hits the Spot

aneros helix syn
This prostate massager has been created to stimulate your prostate in the best way possible. It’s made from a soft material that makes insertion and use much more comfortable. The shape also helps make this toy accessible to all.

This toy has 4 inches of insertable length which makes it possible for pretty much any man to hit their P-spot properly. This added length also gives you more control during use and helps you reach around easier when used for solo play.

The ribbed edges and angled shaft make climaxing a whole lot easier. The angle helps you to hit the right spot, while the textured sides make another layer of stimulation a reality.

It also has a flared base which is important for preventing unwanted travel. This makes the toy even more accessible to first-timers. This feature also adds some external stimulation to the experience.

The Aneros Helix Syn comes with a rounded tip for easy insertion. It’s also one of the less expensive models on this list making it the perfect prostate massager for beginners.

Pros: Stimulates your P-spot, soft material for extra comfort, 4-inch length, textured sides for more stimulation, angled shaft, flared base to prevent travel, great value

Cons: It takes some practice to get the maximum level of stimulation out of this toy

Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable Vibrating Love Ring

A Vibrating Cock Ring With 5 Vibration Variations

tracey cox supersex rechargeable vibrating love ring
The Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable Vibrating Love Ring is another cock ring on this list that packs quite the punch.

This male sex toy is made to provide both you and your partner with a wave of pleasure. It helps to keep your penis hard and in top condition and prevents you from ejaculating prematurely.

As well as this, this toy provides you with ample variation. It comes with 5 different vibration speeds and patterns which will keep both you and your partner guessing for a long time. This also allows you to adjust the experience to suit the mood and setting.

This cock ring stimulates your partner’s clitoris while also added some stimulation to your own penis and balls. The cock ring is great for people with erectile dysfunction and it will help you to enjoy your time together more regardless.

It is fully charged in just 90 minutes and the battery lasts for a good 40 minutes of play before you have to recharge again. This is enough in most cases, but if it isn’t you can still enjoy the toy without the vibrations.

The Tracey Cox Supersex Cock Ring is USB rechargeable to make charging as easy as possible. It’s also one of the less expensive models on this list making it a great option.

Pros: Stimulates both you and your partner, 5 vibration patterns, great for people with ED, 40 minutes of continuous use, USB rechargeable, great value

Cons: It’s a bit of a challenge to get on and off


Luxury Male Sex Toy With 8 Pleasure Settings

lelo billy 2
The LELO BILLY 2 is next and it’s a great luxury toy that’s already on its second version.

This prostate massager has been made to stimulate the prostate as effectively as possible. It comes with a tapered shaft to ensure easy insertion and the slight curve works to hit the right spot every time.

It comes with eight different pleasure settings which means you get the chance to pick the level of stimulation that suits you best. It’s also 100% waterproof which not only allows you to use it in the tub or shower but also means it’s far easier to clean the toy.

The LELO BILLY 2 is made from high-quality silicone and is priced averagely compared to the other toys on this list.

Pros: Luxury toy, curved shaft, 8 settings, waterproof, high-quality materials

Cons: Takes some getting used to before you find the position/setting that works best for you


Hands-Free Automated Male Masturbator

kiiroo onyx plus
The KIIROO Onyx+ is the next toy on this list of the best male sex toys, and it’s another banger we can’t wait to tell you more about.

This toy is the pinnacle of hands-free automated stimulation, and it offers a wide range of interesting features. You can connect it to your partner’s device for amazing shared experiences, but there are also some interesting options for solo play it offers.

It comes with VR/video compatibility, which makes it possible for the toy to sync with your favorite video. It also allows your favorite webcam star to give you custom stimulations you otherwise wouldn’t be able to feel without it.

The KIIROO Onyx2 comes with all of the features you would expect too, like being made from high-quality materials, being USB rechargeable and including a real-feeling internal sleeve with 10 different contracting rings to provide the best stimulation possible.

It’s one of the more expensive toys on this list but is more than worth it when you consider the unique experiences this toy can provide you with.

Pros: VR/video compatibility, great for solo & shared play, high-quality, unique, feature-rich

Cons: Not ideal for people looking for a simple toy

b-Vibe Cinco Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads

The Male Sex Toy That Combines Anal Beads and a Vibrator

b-vibe cinco remote control vibrating anal beads
Second to last on the list is the b-Vibe Cinco Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads, and they’re another highly stimulating backdoor model.

This sex toy combines the best of an anal dildo, prostate massager and anal beads in order to deliver the best stimulation possible. This provides you with a unique sensation that’s hard to find in any other toy.

It comes with 6 different vibration speeds so you can crank it u a notch whenever you feel like it. 15 different vibration patterns that have been added to the toy make it even more versatile and make it possible for you to adjust the experience to the exact mood or your exact preference.

This toy has 3 powerful motors which really help to ensure maximum stimulation. There’s nothing worse than weak vibrations…

It’s controlled remotely and boasts an hour of run time with just 2 hours of charging. This ensures you don’t have to recharge halfway through the use and prevents any unwanted fiddling with cables during use.

The remote can be used at up to 15 feet away which makes it a great toy for you to share with a partner. By giving them the remote you give them control of your pleasure which can really help to spice things up.

The b-Vibe Cinco Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads are hypoallergenic and come with a warranty to ensure you aren’t left without a toy any time soon. They’re priced in the high-mid price range.

Pros: Unique sensation, 6 vibration speeds, 15 vibration patterns, 3 powerful motors inside, 1 hour of run time, remotely controlled, hypoallergenic, comes with warranty

Cons: Quite loud, not ideal for stealth play

We-Vibe Vector

Powerful Prostate Massager with Adjustable Head & Flexible Base

we-vibe vector
Next is the We-Vibe Vector which is a prostate massager with some very special additions.

This prostate massager has been made to stimulate the prostate in the best way possible. The shaft is angled perfectly to hit the spot every time for most men. The adjustable head and flexible base help to make it even more accessible to a wider range of men.

This toy comes with a remote control that is great fun to share with your partner as well as very handy to use during solo play. With ten different vibration settings, it’s not short on variation either and allows for you or your partner to choose the setting that’s right for them.

The We-Vibe Vector comes with two different internal motors to ensure powerful vibrations and is fully waterproof too for use anywhere and everywhere. It’s averagely priced compared to the other toys on this list.

Pros: Prostate stimulation, powerful vibrations, adjustable head, 10 vibration settings, remote control

Cons: It takes some getting used to on your first few uses


That was a long one!

However, after reading this article you should know a lot more about how you can find the best male sex toy for you. Who knows, you might have even found the model you were looking for…

Whatever the case, remember to have fun and stay safe!

Timej Bališ

Author: Timej Bališ

Tim is our "pro" tester of male sex toys. While finding the right partner has never been easy for him, sex toys never let him down. Since the start of his "pro" sex toys tester career, Tim has tested dozens of toys from pocket pussies to cock rings and even cages. Now, he's thrilled to share his knowledge and experience.

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  1. Hey i need advice of a expert i allready try a LOT of masturbator before but i kind of never found the one for me i got gift by nature this not enormous but enough big…..i would call it probleme at this point anything with plastic around it is a no go it will never fit even those fancy one at 2 or 300 i am not really sensitive to vibration even when i try a (twerking but) it was not really satisfying anything with a motor is gonna be broken or just stop working when my dick is inside (if it fit) silicone if to firm or if a toy is too strechy it will rip off with time after a couple use or about 2 or 3 week my favorite was from bad dragon when i order it was long enough firm and soft but even that broke with time and i took good care of it can you recommande me something that you think would fit my need ?! Please !!! I did not abandon but i sure will soon i dont find anything out there for a little bigger then normal

    • Hi Simon,

      Would you be interested in giving Fun Factory Manta a try? That’s what we usually advice to guys with an extreme girth as it fits pretty much all sizes. It’s far from traditional masturbators and pocket pussies but still a great toy for a wank. You may also want to check this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On3HFsIRGoo.


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