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Best Lubes for Women in 2022

Have you ever tried riding a bike when the chain and wheels aren’t oiled properly? Ever tried cooking without oil or butter? Ever tried inserting a 12-inch dildo without lube? We don’t think so!

Lube comes in many different forms, but when it comes to sex, finding the right lube for her is mandatory to a good experience. Not every woman is like Niagara falls, so it’s important to keep everything moist and slippery during intercourse. In this post, we cover the best lubes for women!

What to look out for when buying a lube for women

Water-based, oil-based or silicone-based?

Lubes are generally either water-based, silicone-based or oil-based, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Water-based lubes are more versatile and can be used with all toys and condoms, but silicone-based lube and oil-based lubes can’t.

These last two have the advantage of not washing off as easily in water, making them perfect for use in the shower or bath. They also tend to provide stronger lubrication which is long-lasting, so they have their benefits too!

In this article by HelloClue, you can read more about how to select a personal lubricant.

Extra ingredients

Lubes can contain various extra ingredients that can provide various properties, like healing effects and moisturizing properties. Extra ingredients can make the lube better in certain situations and is something to keep in mind.


This one goes without saying… If you suffer from allergies or sensitive skin, then getting a hypoallergenic lube that’s free of parabens is important. Also, if you are allergic to any of the extra ingredients added to the lube, it’s best to test it out first by placing a tiny bit on your finger or somewhere it can easily be washed off, or go with a different lube.

Extra features

Extra features like heating and cooling properties or those that will improve your partner’s stamina or increase sensations are all good things to look out for. These things aren’t necessary for good sex, but they can help to spice things up!

Best Lubes for Women

Sliquid Naturals Sizzle

Great Value Cooling Women’s Lube

sliquid naturals sizzle
First on this list is the Sliquid Naturals Sizzle; a woman’s lube with quite a few unique features.

This lube cools the skin as it touches your downstairs, but it heats up with friction. This makes it perfect for foreplay but also a great lube for when the sex starts to heat up.

If you’re looking for a vegan alternative, then this is also a great option. It’s 100% vegan-friendly and is non-staining. It easily washes off with water which also makes cleaning up after the sex a whole lot easier.

The Sliquid Naturals Sizzle is PH balanced and created to match your body’s natural lubrication. It’s also hypoallergenic and paraben-free which makes it the perfect lube for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

It’s one of the less expensive lubes on this list making it great value for money.

Pros: Heats and cools the skin, vegan-friendly, non-staining, hypoallergenic, great value

Cons: Cooling and heating effects aren’t for everyone

Wicked Aqua Chill Water Based Personal Lubricant

Lube that Cools and Stimulates

wicked aqua chill water based personal lubricant
Second is the Wicked Aqua Chill Water Based Lubricant; a lube with a tingling cold sensation.

This lube is much like the previous lubricant in that it provides a cold stimulation to the area it is applied. This results in out-of-this-world experiences for any woman.

It’s long-lasting and doesn’t go tacky or sticky during use. This, along with the fact it’s free of fragrance and odors means it enjoys great usability. It’s also paraben-free which makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin.

The Wicked Aqua Chill Water Based Lubricant is vegan-friendly and is safe to use with all sex toys. This makes it more versatile in its users and its uses. It also contains natural extracts and is one of the more expensive options on this list.

Pros: stimulating cooling effect, long-lasting, doesn’t go sticky or tacky, fragrance-free, vegan, contains natural extracts

Cons: Can get quite pricey if used often

Sliquid Organics Natural Gel Lubricant

Natural Woman’s Lube with Botanical Extracts

sliquid organics natural gel
Third on this list is the Sliquid Organics Natural Gel Lubricant; a lube that comes in a large bottle with many natural ingredients.

This lube is great if you’re into natural extracts. It contains a plethora of botanical extracts that add various different qualities to the lube. Some of these help to hydrate the skin while others help make the experience more pleasurable.

It’s a thicker lube than normal, which comes with the benefit of more versatility. This makes it suitable for both anal as well as vaginal fun. It’s also hypoallergenic which is great if you suffer from any allergies.

The Sliquid Organics Natural Gel Lubricant is vegan and cruelty-free so you know nothing was harmed in the production. It’s one of the less-expensive lubes on this list.

Pros: contains botanical extracts, suitable for anal, hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free, great value

Cons: The lube dries up quite quickly outside the body

ID Sensation Warming Liquid Lubricant

Warming Women’s Lubricant

id sensation warming liquid lubricant
Next is the ID Sensation Warming Lubricant which is another lube that provides a unique sensation.

This lube creates a warming effect that helps you to relax and improves your experience in the bedroom. The added tingling sensations also help to increase sensitivity and enhance every touch and stroke.

It comes in a smaller bottle that’s great for traveling with and also makes storage a lot easier. It’s also a water-based lube so suitable for use with all sex toys for even more diversity.

The ID Sensation Warming Lubricant comes with a pleasant smell and is one of the more expensive options on this list.

Pros: warming effect, increases sensation, great for storing and traveling, suitable for use with all toys

Cons: Requires a little more to be applied that some of the other lubes on this list

Wicked Aqua Heat Water Based Personal Lubricant

Women’s Lube that’s Warming & Long-Lasting

wicked aqua heat water based personal lubricant
The Wicked Aqua Heat Water Based Personal Lubricant is a high-end lube that makes sex a whole lot more fun.

This lube creates a warming effect which helps to relax the area it is applied to and improves sensation. The lube itself is also very long-lasting which makes it all the more suitable for long sessions without you having to constantly reach for more.

It’s also fragrance-free and doesn’t go sticky which bodes well for the usability. If you suffer from sensitive skin then this is a good lube given the fact it is free of parabens too.

The Wicked Aqua Heat contains natural extracts for various positive effects and is also vegan-friendly which is much better for the planet. It’s one of the more expensive lubes on this list, but given the features, it’s a great one at that.

Pros: warming effect, long-lasting lubrication, fragrance-free, free of parabens, natural extracts, vegan-friendly

Cons: contains glycerine

Überlube Luxury Silicone Lubricant

Luxury Women’s Lubricant

uberlube luxury silicone lubricant
Third to last is the Uberlube Luxury Silicone Lubricant and it might just be the ultimate lubricant for women available.

This lube is extremely soft and has been made to ensure every sensation is felt while still providing top-notch lubrication. It’s recommended by physicians according to Shevibe which gives you even more peace of mind during use.

This lube doesn’t harm healthy bacteria or PH levels in the vagina which helps keep you healthy. It also doesn’t go oily, sticky or tacky during use which ensures you can keep going for a long time without creating a mess.

Uberlube Luxury Silicone Lubricant is scentless and tasteless, and also non-staining to prevent any stained sheets. It’s one of the more expensive lubes on this list but great value if you can afford it.

Pros: extremely soft, recommended by physicians, doesn’t alter PH levels, doesn’t harm healthy bacteria, doesn’t go tacky/sticky/oily, scentless, tasteless, non-staining

Cons: it’s a silicone lube which does somewhat limit its uses compared to water-based varieties

Astroglide Water Based Personal Lubricant

Water-Based Women’s Lubricant That’s Silky-Smooth

astroglide liquid
Second to last is the Astroglide Water Based Personal Lubricant; a lube that’s been heavily featured on this blog before!

This lube is one of the greats when it comes to slippery fun. It provides a silky-smooth sensation and allows for long-lasting lubrication in any scenario and in any setting.

It can easily be reactivated if it starts to dry up with a small drop of water to ensure even longer lasting fun. It’s also odorless, flavorless and free of spermicide to ensure safe and pleasurable use.

The Astroglide Personal Lubricant if suitable for use with sex toys and condoms, and is one of the more expensive lubes on this list.

Pros: silky smooth sensation, long-lasting, can be reactivated, odorless, flavorless, free of spermicide, suitable for toys and condoms

Cons: Contains glycerine which isn’t suitable for everyone


Lube is a great way of making sex more pleasurable and prevents all that nasty friction from ruining the moment. By getting the right lube for women, you can be sure that you or your partner have the best experience possible. Still looking for more info? – Check out our article on the best lubes.

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