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Best Double-Ended Dildos in 2022

Not everyone is going to feel fulfilled after a short session with a small one-sided dildo. Sometimes you just want a little more, whether it’s the opportunity to share the experience with a partner or to feel like you’re sharing it with two!

In this post on the best double-ended dildos, you will learn exactly how to find the best model for you. Whether you’re in search of one to share with your partner or want the full experience of a threesome without all the people, this is the post for you!

What to keep in mind when buying a double-ended dildo

There are a lot of things to think about when purchasing a sex toy, especially one that’s going to be going inside you. Below are just a few of the most important things you should consider when purchasing a double-ended dildo. If you’d prefer a different dildo, check out our post on the best dildos.


The size is an important one for many reasons. Obviously, if you’re looking for a model to practice deepthroating you’re going to want something smaller than one you want to use for double penetration. Both the size and thickness are important to keep an eye on here, so make sure you take some time to think about what the best size for you would be given your reason for purchasing a double-sided dildo.

Reason for use

What you’re going to be using the toy for is just as important, if not more important, than the size. If you want a toy for DP then it needs to be flexible, but if you are looking for a double-sided model for variation or use with a partner, different levels of flexibility and stimulation may be in order.

Allergies and cleaning

If you’re allergic to any materials or you have sensitive skin, it’s important to consider which material is going to be best for you. Also, a porous material is known to trap dirt and can become very unhygienic, especially when used without a condom. This is especially true when using the toy for anal!


The level of stimulation the toy provides is also important to consider. Some focus on length while others combine length, girth and a whole lot of texture on the shaft. It’s all down to preference, so make sure to consider this before buying.

Best Double-ended Dildos

If you’re looking for a double-ended dildo that’s going to blow your socks off then look no more. Below, we’ve listed a handful of the best two-sided dildo’s in the marketplace at this point in time. They’re in no particular order and we’ve made sure to include a lot of variety!

Jelly Double-Ended Dildo 18 Inch

18-Inches of Realistic Looking Pleasure

jelly double-ended dildo 18 inch
The first double-ended dildo on this list is the Jelly 18-inch dildo which is a realistic-looking option that suits most.

This large two-sided realistic dildo comes with a realistic look and feel which helps to create a wonderful experience for all who use it. With an 18-inch length, this one isn’t for lightweights and can please even the most demanding men and women.

It comes with a flexible shaft which makes it extra dynamic in use. This flexibility is perfect for shared play in a variety of different positions. It also makes the toy perfect for double penetration without having to buy two separate dildos to make it happen.

The Jelly Double-Ended Dildo comes with a textured shaft for extra stimulation. It’s also one of the less expensive options on this list making it perfect for those with a small budget.

Pros: 18-inch length, flexible shaft, shared or solo play, textured shaft, great value

Cons: Contains phthalates which can cause allergic reactions for some

King Cock 16″ Tapered Double Dildo

Large Tapered Two-Sided Dildo With a 6-Inch Girth

king cock 16 tapered double dildo
As the second dildo on this list, the King Cock 16” Tapered Double Dildo is another extra-large option that’s going to provide the pleasure most of you are looking for.

This 17.25-inch dildo comes with two sides for you to experience. Each side is different in size, with one slightly thinner side boasting a width of 1.4-inches and the thicker side boasting a width of 1.75-inches. The average girth is 6 inches which should be more than enough to provide high levels of pleasure to all that use the toy.

With a realistic look and feel, this double-sided dildo makes it possible for you to enjoy realistic experiences together with a partner or on your own. The large size makes it perfect for bending around and enjoying double penetration.

The King Cock 16” Tapered Double Dildo is a great option if you’re looking for something long and realistic. It’s one of the less expensive options too which makes it a great value.

Pros: Long, differently sized sides, realistic look and feel, great value

Cons: Porous which makes it less suitable for anal use

Le Wand Arch Stainless Steel Double-Sided Dildo

Double-Ended Steel Dildo That’s Perfect for Anal Play

le wand arch stainless steel double-sided dildo
Next is the Le Wand Arch Stainless Steel Double-Sided Dildo which is slightly different than the previous two models.

This stainless steel dildo provides some cool features which can’t be offered by toys made from other materials. The stainless steel is temperature-responsive which makes it perfect for adding hot or cold sensations to the experience.

This same material also makes it super easy to clean which is a big pro, and it also makes it one of the safest toys for anal play too. It’s for good reason it’s also considered one of the best anal dildos! The stainless steel is hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

The Le Wand boasts a 4.25-inch insertable length and has two different sides for you to enjoy to ensure different sensations whenever you feel like it. It’s more expensive than most but this luxury double-sided dildo is still fantastic value given the benefits.

Pros: Hot and cold play possible, easy to clean, hypoallergenic, different stimulation on each side

Cons: Can’t be used for double penetration play

BASICS Double-Ended Dildo 12 Inch

Realistic-Feeling Two-Sided Dildo for a Good Price

basics double-ended dildo 12 inch
The BASICS Double-Ended Dildo 12 Inch is the next option on this list and it’s a cost-effective one with some nifty benefits.

This large double-sided dildo is the perfect dildo for those who want an effective two-sided toy on a tight budget. It offers realistic detailing which, although it doesn’t make the bright-purple toy look any more realistic, does make it feel more realistic during use.

It’s the perfect toy to share together with a partner given the size. The flexibility it offers is also perfect for double penetration play when used solo, adding to the variation that it can provide you with.

The BASICS Double-Ended Dildo is easy to hold and priced in the less-expensive price category compared to other large double-ended dildos.

Pros: Great value, flexible, DP and shared play possible, easy to hold

Cons: Not as good quality as some of the more expensive options out there

Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Realistic Double-Ended Dildo 18 Inch

Flexible 18-Inch Double-Sided Dildo That’s Perfect for Double Penetration

doc johnson crystal jellies realistic double-ended dildo
Third to last is the Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Realistic Double-Ended Dildo which will satisfy most given the various different situations it can be used in.

This large double-ended dildo is 18-inches long and is completely flexible to allow for a range of different uses. The long side and flexibility make it perfect for double penetration but also for deep penetration of just one hole.

The lifelike shape and slightly soft textured shaft provide an experience that feels exactly like the real thing. This makes it perfect for those is search of a realistic experience with a little extra depth.

The Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies offers deep penetration and is priced averagely compared to the rest of this list.

Pros: 18-inch length, flexible yet firm, double penetration and solo play possible, textured shaft

Cons: The dildo itself has the same girth all the way around which gives it a little less variation

The Double Header Dildo

Double-Ended Dildo That’s Perfect for Amateurs

the double header dildo
Second to last now, the Double Header Dildo is a model that’s much like the previous two, with a few important differences.

This long double-ended dildo has a length of 18 inches which makes it perfect for deep penetration. It’s also flexible which is great for intimate shared play or double penetration.

What makes this model different to the previous one is that it’s better suited to amateurs. Since this dildo is slightly narrower it’s more forgiving for those with less experience with toys or DP.

The Double-Header Dildo boasts a realistic look and feel which makes the sensations extra lifelike. It’s also one of the least expensive double-ended dildos on the market which makes it great for those with smaller budgets.

Pros: 18-inch length, flexible, DP and solo play possible, realistic feel, great value

Cons: The slimmer size isn’t great for everyone

Fetish Fantasy Double Delight Strap-On Double Dildo Set

Double Strap-no Dildo

fetish fantasy double delight strap-on double dildo set
The Fetish Fantasy Double Delight Strap-On Dildo Set is the last entry on this list and it’s another banger.

This double-ended dildo is very unique compared to the others in that it has been tailored to be used together with a partner. It works like a strap-on but one that is inserted by both partners to make the experience twice as stimulating. It’s truly one of the best lesbian sex toys you can find on the market!

The curved shape is perfect for hitting the G-spot or P-spot for both the person wearing it and the receiver. It also comes with a textured shaft that delivers even higher levels of pleasure to both of the people involved.

The Fetish Fantasy Double Delight Strap-On Double Dildo Set is perfect for those looking for a double-sided dildo they can enjoy together with a partner. It even comes with a free blindfold for you to enjoy and is priced averagely compared to the other double-sided toys on the market.

Pros: Great to use with a partner, G-spot stimulation, textured shaft, free blindfold

Cons: Can’t be used for double penetration


A double-ended dildo is a perfect toy if you’re looking for variation without all the bells and whistles of other variation rich toys like vibrators. A lot goes into finding the right model, but when you find the perfect one for you a whole new world of pleasure and experiences opens up. After reading this post, we hope that you’ve learned how you can find the best double-sided dildo for you and your situation. And remember: Have fun and stay safe!

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