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Best Delay Sprays and Creams in 2022

Sometimes, a little extra umph in the bedroom is just what a relationship needs. It’s no secret that men orgasm a lot quicker than women do, so why not get something that will help level the playing field?

This post is all about the best delay sprays and creams, what you should look out for when buying them, as well as what some of the best options are on the market today. So, if you’re looking for a magic potion that will make you last longer in the sack, then read on!

What to Look Out for When Buying Delay Sprays and Creams


The effect that a delay spray or cream offers is the main thing you need to keep an eye on. Unfortunately, the only real way of testing the effect is trying the delay spray yourself. Make sure to check the reviews though to see what others have said about it!


This one is especially important if you have allergies, as many delay gels, creams and sprays contain ingredients like glycerine, as well as topical anesthetics that not everyone responds to favorably.

Extra effect

Some double up as lubes while others are great for oral sex and removing the gag reflex. These are extra effects and normally not as important, but they can still make the cream or lube a lot more versatile and a lot more fun to use!

Delay sprays spark a lot of debate, as not everyone seems to respond to them. This article by Vice is a great read if you’re still skeptical!

Best Delay Sprays and Creams

Now for the list of the best delay products on the market at the moment. These are in no particular order and we hope you can find one that’s just right for you!

Sliquid Ride BodyWorx Rock Delay Spray

A Highly Rated Delay Spray With Natural Numbing Agent

sliquid ride bodyworx rock delay spray
The first item on this list is a delay spay – the Sliquid Ride BodyWorx Rock Delay Spray to be precise.

This spray is great for men who want to last a little longer in the sack. It contains a 7.5% benzocaine base which helps to numb your penis slightly in order to reduce the stimulation, thus lengthening the time you can last in bed.

This spray contains natural numbing agents and works extremely quickly. Just a few sprays before you get going is enough to keep you going for quite a while longer. It’s best to let it dry before sex to prevent your partner from lasting longer too. That would defeat the point…

The Sliquid Ride BodyWorx Rock Delay Spray has been well received by its users and is rated highly. It’s averagely priced compared to the other sprays and creams on this list.

Pros: Natural numbing agent, extends sex, high-rated product

Cons: The packaging is quite tough to open

Doc Johnson Sta-Erect Delay Cream

Delay Cream With Long-Lasting Effect

doc johnson sta-erect delay cream
Second is the Doc Johnson Sta-Erect Delay Cream which is a very effective alternative to the previous spray.

This one requires slightly more planning, as you need to rub it in ten minutes before having sex, but it works like a charm! It contains 7.5% benzocaine to help numb your penis slightly in a safe manner, which helps to extend your sessions wherever you are.

This cream is also tasteless and odorless, which makes it perfect for oral sex too. Just make sure that the cream has dried up before trying it, otherwise your partner may find their tongue starts to go numb!

Just like the previous one, the Doc Johnson Sta-Erect Delay Cream has been well received by its users. It’s one of the less expensive options on this list.

Pros: Safe numbing effect, tasteless & odorless, well-received, great value

Cons: You may get a numb mouth after oral

Wicked OverTime Delay Cream

Fully Absorbing Delay Cream that’s Paraben-Free

wicked overtime delay cream
Thirdly is the Wicked OverTime Delay Cream; another extremely effective option to get that extra kick in the bedroom.

This delay cream needs to be used five to ten minutes before sex, and works to keep the penis harder for longer. It contains a 5% benzocaine solution that works to numb the penis slightly.

This delay cream washes off easily with just some soap and water which makes it a delight to use. It also absorbs fully which makes it more effective than using a cream that will cause your partner to experience a numbing effect too.

The Wicked OverTime Delay Cream is paraben-free which makes it great for people with sensitive skin. It’s priced in the high-mid price tier compared to the other creams on the market.

Pros: Safe numbing agent, washes off easily, absorbs fully, paraben-free

Cons: This product does contain glycerine which isn’t great if you’re allergic

Dynamo Delay Spray

FDA Approved Delay Spray

dynamo delay spray
Next is the Dynamo Delay Spray which is one of the most trusted options on this list.

This delay spray has undergone clinical tests to ensure it’s safe to use, and even has an FDA approval. It’s made from a highly-concentrated solution that ensures quick use and maximum effect with just a small amount applied to your penis.

It contains 13% lidocaine which helps to desensitize your penis and is great for premature ejaculation. Given how potent this delay spray is, it lasts an extremely long time regardless of the small size of the bottle.

The Dynamo Delay Spray is made in the USA, comes in a child-safe bottle and is non-irritating. It’s one of the more expensive delay products on this list but great for anyone looking for a quality product.

Pros: FDA approved, extremely concentrated, requires only a small amount, child-safe bottle, non-irritating

Cons: The potency doesn’t always work well for everyone

Boy Butter Extreme Desensitizing Formula

Desensitizing Lubricant for Versatile Fun

boy butter extreme desensitizing formula
Boy Butter Extreme Desensitizing Formula is a numbing oil-based lubricant that is perfect in a wide range of different situations.

If you’re after versatility, then this is the delay cream for you. Not only does this cream double up as a lubricant, but it also works on a variety of different body parts to help make sex more enjoyable and longer-lasting.

Although oil-based lubes aren’t condom-safe, you could still use this thick lube for anal sex if you’re not too worried about wearing a condom. The numbing effect is gentle and doesn’t completely prevent you from feeling any sensation.

The Boy Butter Extreme Desensitizing Formula is long-lasting and works in a huge number of situations. It’s one of the less expensive options on this list, but given the fact it doubles as a lubricant, it isn’t really comparable to the previous delay creams and sprays.

Pros: Lubricant & delay cream, great for anal sex, long-lasting effect, gentle numbing, great value

Cons: Not condom-safe which is something to be aware of

Adam & Eve Go Long Delay Gel

Delay Gel that’s Great for Oral Fun

adam eve go long delay gel
The Adam & Eve Go Long Delay Gel comes with some unique claims, so it is certainly worth considering.

This delay gel claims to also relive the gag reflex during blowjobs in order to create a fantastic oral experience. It’s made using benzocaine and works well to slightly numb the penis too for a longer-lasting session.

Just a small amount is more than enough to get the desired effect, and the small bottle is good for quite a few uses. This gel gives you more control over your erections and allows for a more pleasurable sexual experience.

The Adam & Eve Go Long Delay Gel is absorbed quickly and is one of the more expensive options on this list.

Pros: Relieves gag reflex, potent, long-lasting, absorbs quickly

Cons: Results seem to vary on this product

ON Bold Delay Gel

Gel Compatible With Latex Products

on bold delay gel
Second to last is the ON Bold Delay Gel which is another benzocaine-based formula that helps increase your stamina in the sack.

This delay gel is great for anyone who wants to increase the time they can spend in the bedroom, be it due to premature ejaculation or just the pursuit of more fun. It works by gently rubbing the cream onto the penis and then allow it to absorb, leaving the penis slightly less sensitive and allowing you to enjoy a longer session.

This gel is safe for both oral play and penetration which makes it rather dynamic. This allows you to really make the most out of the gel as well as enjoy the sex in all freedom.

The ON Bold Delay Gel is safe to use with any latex products which makes it extremely versatile, and it’s priced averagely compared to the other delay sprays and creams on the market.

Pros: Desensitizes the penis well, suitable for oral & penetration too, compatible with latex

Cons: Contains glycerine

Sensuva BOLD Delay Gel For Him

A Solution to Premature Ejaculation Is Found

sensuva bold delay gel for him
Premature ejaculation is the pit, and most men can agree. Cumming early during a sexual encounter can break relationships. If you have experience with premature ejaculation, you can agree that there is a need for a solution. Well, here it is, and it’s called Sensuva BOLD Delay Gel For Him. The gel is made to help reduce sensitization and allow men to last longer during sexual encounters. It is one of the best things that you can do for your sex life. Besides, it is made without harsh numbing ingredients.

The best part is that it is easy to use. All you have to do is apply it to your penis and let the dealing begin. There are no other additives required. Sensuva BOLD Delay Gel For Him is good all on its own. You can also use it with a condom.

Pros: easy to use, no harmful numbing agents.

Cons: not recommended for people with skin problems.

Still not sure if a delay cream or spray is right for you? Curious if there are other ways to prolong your sex? Check out our articles on the best cock rings and the best penis pumps to see if these alternatives are a good solution for you!


Delay sprays and creams can be a great way of lengthening the time you can spend in the bedroom. Whether you suffer from premature ejaculation or just want a little more bedroom stamina, there’s sure to be a cream or gel here to tickle your fancy. And remember: Stay safe & have fun!

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