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Best Condoms for Lasting Longer in 2022

Although us men all consider ourselves pleasure machines that will make a woman orgasm just by looking at her, in reality, we usually perform quite poorly when it comes to the fun beneath the sheets. With the stamina of a life-long smoker in the bedroom, we could do with some help every once in a while.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the best condoms for lasting longer, as well as some of the most important things to look out for when buying them. We’ll keep it short, so this one will be a quickie. Guess it gives you the opportunity to feel what it’s like…

What to Look Out for When Buying Condoms for Lasting Longer During Sex


The first thing to look out for is how the condoms delay ejaculation. Some may just make the condom thicker which can reduce pleasure for both, while those on our list use a numbing agent to slightly numb the penis while not effecting your partner. These are usually the same numbing agents as your dentist would use so are completely safe.

The two main numbing agents used are benzocaine and lidocaine, both of which are safe and highly effective!


Although you might take longer to climax, this doesn’t make your lackluster thrusting any better! Some of the condoms on this list have extra texture on the outside to help you deliver more stimulation to your partner. This helps to speed up her orgasm which definitely helps to support the cause!

Extra features

Added lubricant, extra thin (or thick) latex and many other extra features can be found in delay condoms. These aren’t essential, but worth keeping an eye on if there’s a particular feature you feel would make the experience more pleasurable for you and your partner.

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Best Delay Condoms

Here’s our list of some of the best condoms for lasting longer in the bedroom, in no particular order!

Durex Performax Intense Condoms

Pleasure for Both

durex performax intense condoms
The first condom in this post is the Durex Performax Intense Condoms which is a condom that does exactly what it says on the tin!

This pack of twelve condoms has been specifically made with safe sex and pleasure in mind. They are made to lengthen the time you can spend in the bedroom while also shortening your woman’s time before orgasm.

These ribbed condoms come coated in 5% benzocaine which helps the man last longer. It works to numb the penis slightly which helps to reduce sensations and thus lengthen the time it takes him to orgasm.

For the women, the condoms have ribs and textured bumps which help to speed up the time it takes them to orgasm. They increase the stimulation to the inside of the vagina and provide some unique sensations.

The Durex Performance Intense Condoms come pre-lubricated and are averagely priced compared to the rest of this list.

Pros: Delays ejaculation for men, speeds up orgasm for women, pre-lubricated, great brand

Cons: Due to the numbing effect they shouldn’t be used too often

Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms

Premium Latex Condoms for Prolonged Sex

trojan extended pleasure condoms
Second are the Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms which are premium condoms that help you delay the shooting of your load.

Covered with a 4% benzocaine solution, these condoms help to delay ejaculation. This solution is only added to the inside of these condoms in order to prevent your partner from experiencing the numbing effect too.

These condoms are made of premium latex which helps to promote even better safety during use. The reservoir tip also helps to keep both of you safe during use, and the pre-applied lubricant makes this condom extremely user-friendly.

The Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms have a length of eight inches and are just slightly more expensive than the previous condoms.

Pros: 4% benzocaine solution delays ejaculation, premium latex, pre-applied lubricant on the outside

Cons: The material is a little thick, which helps to delay ejaculation even further but also reduces the pleasure

Durex Prolong Condoms

Textured Latex Condoms for Extra Stimulation

durex prolong delay textured condoms 2
Next are the Durex Prolong Condoms which are another great condom for lasting longer by this well-known condom brand.

These condoms help to delay men’s ejaculation by numbing the penis slightly. The 5% benzocaine solution helps to create the numbing effect and improve your stamina in the bedroom.

This condom doesn’t just prolong the man’s ejaculation though, it also works to shorten the time it takes the woman to climax. The textured and dotted exterior of the condom improves stimulation on the inside of the vagina which helps speed up female orgasms.

The Durex Prolong Condoms come with lubricant pre-applied and have a comfortable fit. They’re priced much the same as the previous condoms.

Pros: Delays male ejaculation, speeds up women’s orgasm, lubricant pre-applied, comfortable fit

Cons: The textured exterior isn’t for everyone

EXS Delay Endurance

Condoms for Lasting Longer, Also Available in Bulk

exs delay endurance
Finally, the EXS Delay Endurance is the last one on this list. They’re perfect for delaying ejaculation and can even be bought in larger quantities!

These condoms are made of natural rubber latex and have been manufactured to be extra strong. They’re also straight-sided and come with a reservoir tip to promote comfort and safety.

They’re also perfect for lasting longer in the bedroom since they are covered in a 1% lidocaine solution on the inside. This helps to numb the penis slightly and makes your penis less sensitive for a short period of time.

The EXS Delay Endurance condoms are unflavored and come with lubricant pre-applied. They’re by far the best-priced condoms on this list and it’s even possible to drop the price, even more, when you buy in bulk.

Pros: Natural rubber, delays ejaculation, great price, possibility to buy in bulk

Cons: Should not be used too often due to the numbing effect

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Although sex is fun, it’s more fun for both if your orgasms can be reached at roughly the same pace. By using condoms that are made for lasting longer during sex, you can lengthen the time it takes men to ejaculate, and thus lengthen the bedroom session. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re in a much better place to buy the right delay condoms for you.

Stay safe and have fun!

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