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The Best Anal Lubes in 2022

If you’ve ever looked at experimenting with anal, then finding the best lube for anal is a task you have already had to deal with in the past. But, what should you keep in mind when looking for anal lube? And how can you find the right anal lube for you?

Whether you have already started your anal-exploration, or you are just thinking about it, we hope to provide you with some useful information in this article!

What is an Anal Lube and What’s the Difference With the Regular One?

Lube. Everyone knows what it is and what it does, but not a lot of people know there’s a difference between anal lube and ordinary lube. Obviously, lubrication is provided whichever lube you choose, but there are certain important differences you should know about if you are thinking of trying anal sex.

Firstly, anal lube is usually a little thicker, and a little more lubricating. That’s because you will need more lubrication for anal than for vaginal sex. Also, in anal lube there are sometimes additives that can help to relax the sphincter or help by numbing the area slightly.

Choosing a lube that is made with anal sex in mind can help you have a much more comfortable experience. This will make anal a lot more pleasurable and will add something to your bedroom-repertoire going into the future.

How to Choose the Right Anal Lube for You

Choosing the right anal lube is very important and depending on what you plan to do with the lube, you will buy a lube that suits your situation. We’ll now go into some important things to take into account when ordering anal lube.

What will the anal lube be used for?

Depending on what the lube will be used for, you will go for a different type of anal lube. We’ll now list some of the different uses.


First off, and probably the most obvious, anal lube can be used for anal penetration. If you are looking for a lube for anal sex, then there are a few things you should consider, like if you are going in with, or without a condom, and what your partner likes most.

Also, if your partner is a little sensitive, or has problems relaxing their sphincter, there are certain lubes that can truly improve the experience. More on this later on…


If you want to use your anal lube for solo play using toys, or even use along with your partner, then certain things like material and the numbing effect can have a big impact on your final decision.

Certain lubricants don’t work well with some toys. If you already have some toys and have yet to purchase lube yet then keep the material of your toys in mind when looking for a lube.


If you are looking to try some fisting or other extremer anal play, there are certain things you should take into account. A relaxing effect may help to make the intercourse smoother and a thicker lube will prevent friction.

Types of anal lube

There are three types of anal lube, these are; silicone-based, oil-based and water-based. We’ll cover each one in more detail in this part of the article.

Silicone-based lube

Some of the anal lubes on the list are silicone-based lubes. These lubes aren’t to be used in conjunction with silicone toys as this can cause problems with the toys themselves. They are great for use in water and tend to last longer as they aren’t absorbed by your body.

Oil-based lube

Oil-based lube is ideal if you are looking for a lube that can be used for intercourse without a condom. Oil-based lubes cannot be used together with things made from latex or rubber, because it damages the material.

Water-based lube

Water-based lubes are usually advised for any type of intercourse as they can be used in conjunction with all materials. When looking for an anal lube, however, make sure the water-based lube is thick enough to provide sufficient lubrication.

Another advantage of water-based lubes is that they tend to wash off easily. This prevents staining of your sheets/clothes and also makes sure you can keep yourself clean in an easy fashion.

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There are also a few other things you can take into account…

Extra ingredients

If you are looking for flavored anal lubes, then keep this in mind. Also, if you are vegan it may be worth looking for a vegan alternative. We happen to have one on the list!


The price is something you should think about. Even though lube is hardly going to break the bank, it is worth considering when making a decision.

Numbing and relaxing effects

If you are planning some more extreme undertakings, it may be a good idea to look for a lube with muscle-relaxing properties. There are also lubes which offer numbing effects to prevent any discomfort.

Please bear in mind that too much numbing may prevent your partner from feeling any discomfort. This may cause harm if not used carefully so please be careful when using numbing lubrication.


If you have any allergies or have sensitive skin, there may be certain lubricants that are better suited to you than others. Make sure to take these things into account as you don’t want any skin irritations or allergic reactions that could be prevented.

12 Best Anal Lubes:

Pjur Analyze Me

The Extremely Potent Lube by Pjur

pjur analyze me
This silicone-based lubricant by Pjur is great for experimenting with anal. The lube is extremely potent, and you will only need a little bit to get started.

This lube also has jojoba added to it which relaxes the body and makes the anus penetration-ready. This lube is also great for massages!

It can be used with natural and rubber condoms, latex condoms, synthetic condoms, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms. This lube is on the more expensive end of the scale, but is truly potent and a great deal for this price.

Pros: Can be used alongside many different types of condoms, Extremely potent lube, Added jojoba to relax the anal muscles, Great for massages too

Cons: A little more expensive than some of the other lubricants on the list

Wicked Aqua Jelle Anal Personal Lubricant

The PH-balanced Anal Lube That’s Great for Sensitive Skin

wicked aqua jelle anal personal lubricant
This lube is another great addition to this list and is an amazing lube when it comes to anal.

The Wicked Aqua Jelle Anal Personal Lubricant is glycerin and paraben free, to enable use even by people with sensitive skin. It’s also PH-balanced which will also prevent any unpleasant sensations or problems with the skin.

This anal lube is long-lasting, which means you don’t have to keep grabbing the bottle every few minutes. This leaves you free to focus on your partner and your pleasure!

The Wicked Aqua Jelle Anal Personal Lubricant was made with the user in mind, and it’s also easy to clean. This prevents you messing around when cleaning, or spending what feels like eternity cleaning your new lube off.

This anal lube is latex friendly, so you can use it in conjunction with most condoms and sex toys. This means you can practice safe sex or have fun with an anal dildo! It’s priced in the high-mid price range and is a quality lube with multiple purposes.

Pros: Hypoallergenic lube & PH-balanced, great lube for people with sensitive skin; Long lasting lube, no more pausing every few minutes; Easy to clean and latex friendly

Cons: Priced slightly higher than some of the other lubes

Gun Oil Silicone Lube

A True Soldier Among Anal Lubrication

gun oil silicone lube
This lube, with added vitamin E and aloe vera, is a true soldier among the lubricants. This silicone-based lube is paraben and glycerine free and is safe to use with latex, condoms and sex toys.

It boasts an effect that lasts the whole night, and because it’s silicone based, the lube isn’t absorbed by the skin. This ensures it doesn’t become sticky during use.

This lube is a little more expensive than some other choices on this list but is truly a great lube to have lying around if you experiment with anal from time to time.

Pros: Added vitamin E and aloe vera, Paraben and glycerine free, Effect lasts the whole night

Cons: This lube is a little more expensive than some of the others on this list

Doc Johnson Rear Entry Desensitising Lube

The Lube That Relieves Any Discomfort

doc johnson rear entry desensitising lube
The Doc Johnson Rear Entry Desensitizing Lube does exactly what it says on the tin!
This lube has a desensitizing effect which relieves any discomfort your partner may feel during anal.

The desensitizing ingredient is lidocaine, and it also boasts a simple hand pump to ensure easy use!

This lube is one of the most expensive lubes on the list, but that may be due to the desensitizing effects and some of the more expensive ingredients.

Pros: Numbing effects for improved comfort, Easy-to-use pump

Cons: A little more expensive than some of the other lubes on this list

Boy Butter Original

Thick Oil-Based Anal Lubricant

boy butter original
The Boy Butter Original lube is another high-quality anal lube that has been growing in popularity over the past few years.

This anal lubricant is oil-based which comes with both advantages and disadvantages. For a start, it lasts for a long time and provides excellent thick lubrication that’s perfect for anal.

Although it doesn’t wash off as easily as water-based lube and may stain if you spill too much on fabrics, it is a preferred lube when enjoying anal. Another advantage of this lube is that it works great as a massage oil too.

The Boy Butter Original lube is hypoallergenic, long-lasting, and great for the skin. It’s priced in the middle of the pack where the price is concerned.

Pros: Moisturizing, long-lasting, thick lube, great as massage oil, hypoallergenic

Cons: Not compatible with latex condoms

Sliquid Organics Natural Gel

The All-vegan, All-natural and All Organic Lube for the World-conscious Adventurer

sliquid organics natural gel
This natural lubricant boasts botanical extracts, along with being hypoallergenic and organic!

The Sliquid Organics Natural Gel is a fantastic lube that is compatible with all toys and condoms. It’s aloe-based and is a little thicker to promote the use during anal play.

This truly is one of the best vegan lubricants on the market and is great for people with sensitive skin.

Pros: Natural lubricant with botanical extracts, Organic and hypoallergenic, Compatible with all toys and condoms, Great for vegans, Great value for money

Cons: Not the best lube if you are looking to experiment with some more extreme anal play

Pjur Back Door

Numbing Lube for Back Door Fun

pjur back door
With jojoba extracts to relax the anal muscles, this spray is great when you are looking to have some back-door fun in the bedroom.

This long-lasting lube ensures you won’t be reaching for more right after the use, and it will keep you going for a long time.

This lube is on the more expensive end of the spectrum. For it’s relaxing properties it’s still great value for money though!

Pros: Long lasting lubrication, Jojoba extracts help relax the muscles around the anus

Cons: Slightly more expensive than some of the other models on this list

Astroglide Liquid Water Based Personal Lubricant

The Ideal Lube to Use With Natural Rubber Latex

astroglide liquid
This water-based lube ensures great lubrication and easy cleanup. It was designed to match your body’s natural lubrication, to enhance your body’s natural reflexes.

This lube is very effective and is safe to use alongside any natural rubber latex condoms. It sits in the middle of the pack when it comes to pricing.

Pros: Easy to clean up, No stains!, Matches your body’s natural lubrication, Can be used alongside a condom

Cons: Doesn’t provide any numbing or relaxing effects. Maybe not ideal for extreme anal play.

ID Xtreme H2O Thick Water-Based Lubricant

The Extreme Water-based Anal Lube That Lasts

id xtreme h2o thick water-based lubricant
This extreme water-based lube is great for anal and is a wonderful addition to this list.

The ID Xtreme H2O is made using a long-lasting formula. This ensures you don’t have to re-apply the lube every few mins to keep enjoying the sex. This can relieve you from a lot of the problems people experience with anal lubes.

This anal lube is a little thicker than normal water-based lube. This makes it great for anal as it provides more lubrication than a less thick lube. Being water-based, it’s also compatible with all sex toys and condoms, which means you can easily enjoy this lube in any way you fancy.

The lube can be easily reactivated with a drop of water and the easy-to-dispense bottle makes it extremely user friendly. This lube truly was made with sex in mind.

It’s priced in the mid-high price range, but due to the ease of use and the great quality of this lube, it’s a great buy!

Pros: Long lasting lubricant; Thick lube that’s great for anal; Compatible with all sex toys and condoms; Easy to use

Cons: Can get a little sticky if not washed off after use

Wet Uranus Anal Silicone Lube

An out-of-this-world silicone-based lube

wet uranus anal silicone lube
The Wet Uranus Anal Silicone Lube was created especially with anal in mind. This lube is a thick silicone-based lube which ensures for safe and comfortable use during anal sex.

Being a silicone lube, this lube will keep lubricating for quite some time when other lubes may give in and require a new application. This lube is also on the high-middle of the price scale.

Pros: Thick, silicone-based lube ensures comfortable use during sex, Waterproof lube

Cons: Provides no numbing effects so not ideal if you are looking to try out some more extreme ventures.

LELO Intimate Personal Moisturizer

The Anal Lube That Moisturizes While You Are at It

lelo intimate personal moisturizer
This water-based lube does its job well and is safe to use alongside latex and silicone products. The LELO Intimate Personal Moisturizer is unscented and is glycerine- and paraben-free to avoid any problems with sensitive skin.

This non-staining and non-greasy lube is enriched with aloe vera to ensure long-lasting lubrication. This is one of the more expensive lubes on this list, but it is a great lube to have around!

Pros: Safe to use with latex and silicone products, Glycerine- and paraben-free, Non-staining and non-greasy

Cons: Slightly more expensive than some of the other lubes on this list

Doc Johnson Natural Anal Lubricant Tub

The Lube for People Looking for a Natural Lubricant

doc johnson natural anal lubricant tub
This Doc Johnson Natural Anal Lubricant is an oil-based lube that was designed especially with anal use in mind.

This lube contains antibacterial ingredients and is glycerine, paraben and aspartame-free! This lube isn’t suitable for use with latex toys or any condoms but does go a long way when it comes to lubrication!

This lube is priced in the middle of the pack and is therefore great value for money!

Pros: Great lube for use with a trusted partner, without a condom, Contains antibacterial ingredients, Glycerine, paraben and aspartame-free, Long-lasting

Cons: Not suitable for use with latex


Are there any risks to numbing lubes?

Yes and no. The lube itself isn’t risky unless you are allergic to the ingredients. It can be risky if it prevents you from feeling any pain the anal sex may be causing. Don’t use too much numbing lube and make sure you know your body well. If you do this, it’s perfectly safe to use!

Are there any things I should take into account before trying anal?

Firstly, any medical history of problems with your gut or sphincter should be addressed before trying anal. If you have had problems in the past it’s recommended you consult with the doctor before trying anal sex.

Apart from this, take into account your experience with anal sex and how comfortable you are with your partner. The first time may be a little uncomfortable so make sure you don’t use anything too big and are comfortable with your partner.

How should I store my anal lube?

It’s always advised to store your lube in a cool and dry place, with the cap on. This will prevent the lube from drying out and will ensure it can be used longer.

How can I make anal sex more pleasurable?

Try building up before intercourse. Try using your fingers before you use a toy or let your partner penetrate you. Your sphincter is a muscle, just like any other in your body. The more it warms up and is stretched, the easier and more enjoyable the process will be.

Anal hurts a lot, is there anything I can do to stop it hurting?

First, try building up slowly. Don’t rush into it. If this isn’t helping, it may be worth contacting your doctor just in case. Anal sex shouldn’t hurt if performed properly and built up slowly.

Are there any risks involved with anal sex?

With any intercourse, there is a certain element of risk involved. However, there isn’t much more risk when trying anal, then when having normal intercourse. This is assuming all is done in a correct and safe manner of course!

Hopefully, you are now in a better place when it comes to picking the best lube for anal. We have covered a lot but with all this information, you can be sure you will make a good decision and have the most fun in the bedroom.

Whether you are looking for a lube for your toy or looking for the best anal lube for fisting, we’ve got you covered!

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