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The Best Anal Beads in 2022

When looking for anal sex toys the first thing you’ll probably think of is an anal dildo. However, anal beads are a very pleasurable option as well, and should definitely be considered. But, how do you choose the best anal beads for your situation?

This is exactly what we are going to cover in this article. First, we are going to talk about what anal beads are and what things you should look at when trying to choose the right anal beads. After this, we will cover some of the best anal beads that are currently available on the market.

What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are a type of insertable anal sex toy that offers multiple budges, also called beads, down the length. These anal toys offer a great sensation going in but the experience of pulling them out is even more intense.

Anal beads are great for anal training and getting used to the sensation due to the fact that the beads size increase gradually (usually). However, not all anal beads are created equal… More on this now!

Check out this article for some more information on how to use anal beads.

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing Anal Beads

There are certain things you should think about when trying to find the best anal beads for your needs. Below we have done our best to cover as many of these, so you are in the best position to pick the right anal beads.


The sizes of the beads are one thing you should certainly think about. Do you like larger beads or are you quite content with slightly smaller models? Depending on what you think will fit and the sensation you are after you will pick a certain size.

Beginner friendly

If you are buying your first anal beads, then there are a few things that make them beginner friendly. The first is obviously the size, but we’ve already covered this. The next is ease of use, as a large number of features may distract you when first starting out.

Another thing to look at when you’re a beginner is if the shape is tapered or not. If the shape starts out large, then you don’t have time to get used to the sensation and this can make it a lot harder to get started.


Putting a price on your pleasure isn’t advised but keeping it in the back of your mind certainly is! There’s no need to break the bank on anal beads but paying a little extra for good quality and some extra features never hurts!


This is a big one for some, but completely unimportant to others. There are many features that anal beads can offer, like being waterproof, or offering a variety of vibration variations. Depending on what you are looking for you should select the right features too.

If you still aren’t sure about what things you would like your anal beads to offer, check out this article on 5 tips for buying anal beads, before reading our list!

13 Best Anal Beads:

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified Silicone Anal Beads

Fifty Shades Anal Beads that are Great for Beginners

fifty shades of grey pleasure intensified silicone anal beads
Next on this list of the best anal beads are the Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Anal Beads and they’re perfectly accessible to anyone interested in enjoying them.

These Thai anal beads are the ideal beads for beginners. Their tapered shape and gradual size increase mean they’re not too hard on your behind but still deliver an intense pleasure when removed.

Made from silky smooth silicone, these anal beads are a comfortable addition to your behind. They also come with a large retrieval loop that prevents unwanted travel and ensures a safe experience for even the least experienced users.

The Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Anal Beads are great for both men and women and are hypoallergenic too. They’re priced at the lower end of this list, making them accessible to everyone.

Pros: Great for beginners, tapered, smooth feel, large retrieval loop, unisex, hypoallergenic, great value

Cons: The first few beads are a little fiddly when first using the toy

Lovehoney Classic Silicone Anal Beads 10 Inch

The 10-inch Tapered Anal Beads

lovehoney classic silicone anal beads 10 inch
This set of silicone anal beads is another great option for you and is certainly one to bring a smile to your face.

The Lovehoney Classic Silicone Anal Beads is a model that goes back to basics. No extreme vibration settings or complicated features, just a great quality toy that will get the job done!

The classic-tapered format ensures it’s great for both beginners and advanced users. This model is also great for anal training because it’s easy to build up with during multiple sessions.

These anal beads are priced at the bottom end of the price scale. A cheap and cheerful model that will get the job done!

Pros: Doesn’t come with unnecessary features and it’s easy to use; Tapered shape ensure it’s great for beginners and more advanced users; Very affordable for anyone looking for anal beads

Cons: May not be ideal if you are looking for a more feature-rich model, for example, one that offers vibration

Blush Novelties Sassy Anal Beads

The Anal Beads That Boast That Basic Is Better

blush novelties sassy anal beads
Another basic model, but certainly one that couldn’t be left off the list! The Blush Novelties Sassy Anal Beads will leave you wanting more every time.

These anal beads don’t overcomplicate things, and that’s one of the main reasons they had to be included. With a 10-inch insertable length and a total of 10 anal beads growing from smaller to larger on the toy, this model is suitable for both men and woman of all experience levels.

This model comes with an easy pull handle on the back end, so you can prevent any unwanted movement, and the gradually increasing beads size will get you off in no time.

This model is priced at the bottom end of the scale and is another fantastic cheap and cheerful option if you aren’t looking to spend too much on your new toy.

Pros: Simple design makes this model very easy to use; Tapered shape and gradually increasing bead size ensures it’s suitable for men and women of all experience levels; Cheap

Cons: May not be ideal if you are looking for a model that offers a vibration option

b-Vibe Cinco Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads

The Luxury Anal Beads Jam-packed With Features

b-vibe cinco remote control vibrating anal beads
This is one of the more luxury models on this list and is certainly one of the most feature-rich ones. If you’re all about the features and settings, then this model is for you!

These anal beads are all about variation! Not only do they come with 6 vibration levels, but also boast an immense amount of patter variations, 15 in total!

This ensures there are settings for everyone’s taste and you will never get bored of your new anal beads. The three powerful motors also ensure you get a good amount of vibration compared to some of the cheaper models.

If this wasn’t enough, these anal beads boast a plethora of other features, like being splash-proof, so you don’t have to worry about water damage. A wireless remote that can be used at a distance of 30-feet and being hypoallergenic are just some of the many features this luxury model has to offer.

These anal beads are prices at the higher end of the prices scale when compared to the other models on this list. That being said, they do offer features and extra’s that no other model on this list can offer.

Pros: 6 speed variations and 15 pattern variations; Wireless remote, so you can have hands-free fun or get your partner in on the action; Hypoallergenic and splash proof; Huge number of features and extras

Cons: Even though the price is more than worth it, this model may simply be out of your price range

Rocks off Petite Sensations Pearls 7 Function Vibrating Anal Beads

Breathtaking anal pleasure

rocks off petite sensations pearls 7 function vibrating anal beads
Discover out-of-this-world pleasure with this set of beginner-friendly anal beads from Rocks Off. Made from velvety soft silicone and just 2.75 inches in maximum girth, they’re ideal for slipping in some booty-full delight. Offering 5.75 inches of insertable length, explore the beads one at a time at your own pace and use the button on the base to cycle through 3 satisfying speeds and 4 tantalizing patterns.

The beads are completely waterproof, so you can even enjoy them in the bath or shower. For comfortable insertion and wear, use plenty of water-based anal lubricant. The Rocks Off Petite Sensations Pearls 7 Function Vibrating Anal Beads are super slim vibrating anal beads with a 2.75-inch girth of each bead that is perfect for beginners and great for a gentle introduction to bum fun. They offer 3 speeds and 4 patterns for varying sensations.

Pros: Vibration patterns worked wonders, ease of use, multiple settings, very comfortable.

Cons: A little loud for an apartment building; the battery life is minimal. The battery is not easily purchased.

Pipedream Deluxe Vibro Balls

The Large Anal Beads for Experienced Users

pipedream deluxe vibro balls
Another great addition to this list and a highly stimulating model too. This model may not be great for beginners, but once you have some experience, they may be one of the best options there is on this list.

The Pipedream Deluxe Vibro Balls aren’t your normal anal beads. They are simply just 4 balls on a string, which makes the size a lot different than a normal set of anal beads.

Because of the shape, the sensation when pulling them out is even more stimulating than usually. This same shape, however, is the reason why it’s not advised for beginners.

This model comes with some free anal lube and is priced at the low-mid end of this list. A great option for more experienced users who want some stimulation variation without paying for one of the more deluxe models.

Pros: Different shape ensures a high level of sensation; Comes with some free anal lube; One of the cheaper models

Cons: Isn’t ideal for beginners

Calexotics Naughty Bits Butt Balls

Tapered Easy-To-Use Anal Beads

naughty bits butt balls silicone booty beads by calexotics

Next on this list of the best anal beads are the Calexotics Naughty Bits Butt Balls which are a basic yet fun addition to this list.

If you’re after something that’s easy to use and offers a great experience in the process, then this is the toy for you. It comes with a luxurious design and the tapered shape makes the toy easier to insert.

These anal beads come with 4 different beads of varying sizes, starting at 0,75 inches in width and working up to 1.25 inches in width. The total insertable length of the toy is 4.5 inches and it comes with a ring at the end which helps to avoid unwanted travel while also making retrieval a lot easier.

The Calexotics Naughty Bits Butt Balls are non-porous and hypoallergenic to ensure safe use. They’re on the cheaper end of this list, making them great value.

Pros: Luxury design, 4 beads, 1.25-inch width, 4.5-inch length, retrieval loop, non-porous

Cons: Doesn’t offer as many extra features as some of the other toys on this list

BASICS Anal Beads

The Best Anal Beads for Beginners

basics anal beads
A basic model by Lovehoney, the BASICS Anal Beads are the perfect model for beginners and certainly not one to forget when making your decision!

These anal beads are flexible to shape around the contours of your body. Not only that, but the tapered shape also makes it a perfect model for beginners. You can build up to the last bead during multiple sessions, so you can get used to the sensation.

The finger loop ensures there’s no unwanted travel and makes it even easier for beginners to use. The slender design is just another way they’ve made it very appealing to anal first-timers.

If this all wasn’t enough to get you to buy your first set of anal beads, then the price will! It’s the cheapest model on this list and is affordable to practically anyone!

Pros: Great for beginners due to the design and shape; Finger loop prevents unwanted travel and keeps you safe during play; The cheapest model on this list, great if you want to try anal beads for the first time

Cons: If you’re a more experienced anal bead user, then this may not be the ideal model for you

FemmeFunn Funn Beads

Waterproof Anal Beads with 20 Vibration Modes

femmefunn funn beads
The FemmeFunn Funn Beads are next and they’re a fun-looking toy with a lot of great features.

These anal beads are a combination of anal beads and an anal dildo. Instead of being on a string, these beads are connected by a rod that helps to increase the level of stimulation possible.

The flared base allows for easy retrieval and prevents unwanted travel. What’s more, these anal beads vibrate and offer 20 different vibration modes for you to choose from. They’re great for solo use as well as use together with a partner.

The FemmeFunn Funn anal beads are USB rechargeable, waterproof and have an insertable length of five inches. They’re priced in the mid-high price range and are worth every penny given the unique features and high level of stimulation.

Pros: Flared base, 20 vibration modes, USB rechargeable, waterproof, 5-inch insertable length

Cons: Vibrations can be a little loud so not great for stealth play

Pipedream Vibrating Anal Power Beads

The Vibrating Anal Beads That Won’t Break the Bank

pipedream vibrating anal power beads
Another model with a slightly different design, the Pipedream Vibrating Anal Power Beads are one to watch on this list and highly stimulating.

With a tapered tip, insertion is relatively easy even though the shape itself isn’t tapered it’s still an easy fit.

This model comes with a dial controller which make it possible for you to adjust the vibration speed and improve the sensation even more. With a large amount of vibration variation, you will never get bored.

These anal beads are also waterproof, which makes them a great toy to use in the shower or bathtub. This adds even more variation to this model.

These anal beads are priced in the low-mid price range when compared to the other models on this list. They come with a lot of features for this price and ensure great value for money.

Pros: Tapered tip and flexible design ensure safety and ease of use; Dial controller with various vibration speed variations; Waterproof; Low price for the number of features you get

Cons: Make not be of the same quality that some of the more expensive models are

Cannonballs Giant Silicone Anal Beads

The Extreme Anal Beads for Extreme Toy Lovers

cannonballs giant silicone anal beads
These anal beads aren’t for the faint of heart and certainly aren’t for beginners. If you’re an experienced anal bead user who loves the sensation, then this model is for you!

The Cannonballs Giant Silicone Anal Beads are a lot larger than some of the other models on this list. With three large balls, this model will give you a sensation you simply can’t get from the smaller models.

This model comes with a ring attached, so you can pull them out easily and feel the sensation of them leaving your body. This also prevents unwanted travel and keeps you safe while using the anal beads.

This model isn’t for beginners, but it is the perfect model for men and woman who love to go bigger and feel more!

This model is priced in the middle of the pack when compared to the other anal beads on this list.

Pros: Large model with great sensation; Ring to prevent travel and make the beads easy to remove; Easy to clean; Great model for more experienced users

Cons: Not an ideal model for beginners

Smoky Onyx Gemstones Silicone Anal Beads By Vixen Creations

The Anal Beads Made With Quality in Mind

smoky onyx gemstones silicone anal beads by vixen creations
One of the more luxurious basic models, the Smoky Onyx Gemstones Silicone Anal Beads By Vixen Creations are great if you want an extremely durable model without all the fuss of some of the more feature-rich models.

These anal beads are extremely durable and were made with the user in mind. This model is hypoallergenic and flexible too, to ensure the safety of use. It’s a great model if you have sensitive skin too!

These anal beads are completely waterproof which makes it an ideal toy for use in the tub or in the shower. Share the experience with a partner to add even more stimulation to the experience.

This model is easy to clean and also adjusts to your body temperature once inserted. It’s priced at the slightly higher end of this list but does offer a quality that is almost unmatched on this list.

Pros: Extremely high-quality product; Flexible and hypoallergenic; Waterproof; Easy to clean and adjusts to your body temperature

Cons: May not be ideal if you’re looking for a vibrating model

Adam & Eve Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads

Tapered Vibrating Anal Beads that are Great for Beginners

adam eve booty bliss vibrating beads
The Adam & Eve Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads are another high-quality anal toy that’s easy to use and offers great stimulation.

These anal beads are great for less experienced anal bead users due to the tapered shape and not-so-wide starting side. The first bead it only 0,25 inches long which is a great starting size for less experienced users and gets wider with each new bead inserted.

They come with a 6-inch insertable length and vibrate too to ensure for even higher levels of stimulation. There are seven different vibration modes available, each of which offers a unique sensation.

These Adam & Eve Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads are 100% waterproof and come with a retrieval loop to ensure easy retrieval and make it easy to pull the beads out. It’s one of the less expensive models on this list which makes it fantastic value especially when you consider the many features it offers.



Pros: Great value, feature-right, 7 vibration modes, waterproof, 6-inch insertable length, great for beginners

Cons: The vibrations aren’t as powerful as some of the more expensive models

As you can see there are a lot of different options when trying to find the ideal anal beads. However, we hope that after reading this blog post you have all the knowledge you need to find the best anal beads for your situation.

Not sure if anal beads are quite for you after reading this? Check out our other articles on anal dildos, prostate massagers or butt plugs! Also, don’t forget to have fun!

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